Evan McMullin and the Mormon Fifth Column

Ex-CIA man and #NeverTrump stooge Evan McMullin won’t get anywhere near the White House. Nevertheless, his candidacy shows that contrary to what the alt-Right thinks, Mormons are innately hostile to Whites and to nationalism.

For most Americans, attacking Mormons feels like beating up a retarded kid. On the East Coast, where I grew up, our knowledge of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints mainly came from the unnaturally polite, unusually well-dressed, Aryan-looking missionaries who knocked on our door every so often, as well as South Park. Sure, they had a lot of goofy beliefs, but they were nice, quiet and kept to themselves, and aren’t all religions nutty anyway? I mean, we Catholics smear ashes on our foreheads at the beginning of Lent and pray to an image of Jesus bleeding his guts out on the cross. From a teenage atheist perspective, Mormons didn’t seem any worse than the eight million other cults squirming atop the garbage can of American society.

But much like how the Bechtloff developed a hatred of the Amish from having to dodge their carriages on the way to work, I developed a hatred of Mormons after moving into their promised land: the Mountain West. The rest of America is now catching up to me, aided by Mormons’ role as some of the loudest cucks in the #NeverTrump asylum. Prominent Mormons such as Glenn Beck, Mitt Romney and Mike Lee have inveighed against Donald Trump from the beginning of his campaign for his supposed lack of moral values, and Trump performed unusually poorly in Utah’s Republican caucus, coming in third and garnering just 14 percent to Ted Cruz’s 69 percent.

Now the Mormons have their own presidential candidate in Evan McMullin, an ex-CIA agent pledging to carry the banner of “true” conservatism back into the White House. To most observers, Egg McMuffin’s campaign has been more of a punchline then anything else. He’s a single 40-year old man in a church where people are married off by the time they graduate from college (the fertility rate of Utah is the highest in the U.S., and Utah County’s fertility rate is higher than Bangladesh’s), his mother divorced his father to take up with another woman, and he entered the race so late that he was only able to get on the ballot in eleven states. Despite this, McMullin is so popular with his co-religionists that he has a chance of winning Utah in the election this Tuesday, or failing that, throwing the state to Hillary Clinton by splitting the vote with Trump.

To the secular observer, this doesn’t make any sense. Utah is one of the most Republican states in the Union, where GOP candidates regularly win statewide races by 40 percent or more. For that matter, actual Christians had no problem adopting Trump as their champion despite his predilection for women and salty language; he swept the evangelical South in the primaries and is also popular among Catholics in the North. Why don’t Mormons want to make America great again?

The answer is because Mormons despise America and want to destroy it. From its origins as a kooky polygamist cult in the early 1800’s, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has always been a fifth column in American society, undermining the country at every turn with smiles on their faces. Mormons have been able to hide their contempt for America by disguising themselves as well-mannered, family-oriented churchgoers, but Donald Trump has pulled their masks off to reveal the ugliness underneath.

This is a conversation that America should have had four years ago, when Romney was the GOP presidential nominee. But pundits both Left and Right never got past “magic underwear” jokes and trite remarks on how religious prejudice from Christians might hurt his campaign. For all the Left’s contempt for Christianity, none of them want to admit that the LDS Church is Scientology for the middle class.

Mormonism is the most bizarre remnant of a nearly-forgotten period in American history: the Second Great Awakening. The First Amendment’s guarantee of religious freedom, designed to keep Massachusetts Puritans from killing Catholics and Quakers, opened the door to a flowering of theological innovation in the early 19th century. Removed from the internecine religious wars of Europe, sects such as the Baptists and the Methodists bloomed in America’s fertile soil.

In particular, Mormonism sprang from the soil of upstate New York, where I grew up. While the Empire State may have been one of the original Thirteen Colonies, much of what is now New York was French territory up until the Seven Years’ War; after that war ended and Britain took control of France’s North American colonies, King George III’s Proclamation of 1763 barred Whites from settling in the newfound land. As a result, American settlement west of the Appalachians didn’t begin until the Revolution, with Indian resistance and technological limitations keeping the pace of colonization down.

For example, when I first watched the classic Western How the West Was Won as a kid, I was surprised to see the first act taking place in upstate New York and Ohio. Indeed, the Erie Canal—which runs through my hometown of Syracuse and was designed to link the Great Lakes with the Atlantic coast—features prominently in the film. When people think of Westerns, they typically think deserts, Mexican banditos and six-shooters, but it’s easy to forget that prior to the Louisiana Purchase and the Mexican-American War, what is now the Midwest was the Western frontier of the United States. And as history shows, the frontier is the place to go if you don’t want the government or your nosy neighbors harshing your buzz.

It’s no surprise then that in the early 1800’s, upstate New York was a flourishing hub of creepy sex cults. Beyond the Mormons, the most notable among them were the Shakers and the Oneida Community. While they were originally founded in England, like other Christian heretics, the Shakers found their true home on the other side of the Atlantic. They were a feminist, antinatalist doomsday cult who built and sold furniture to assuage the pain of being permavirgins (not a joke). The Oneida Community, a wholly American creation, was a communist outfit that revolved around wife-swapping and Tantric sex. With these jokers as your neighbors, a guy claiming that Jesus Christ visited North America and that God has ordered him to take multiple wives would barely register on your Weird-o-Meter.

The LDS Church outlasted their upstate contemporaries because they actually had children. In the rock, paper, scissors game of sexual deviancy, cuckoldry beats antinatalism and polygamy beats cuckoldry. Joseph Smith, the Muhammad of Mormonism, also had the good sense to beat feet out of New York before he pissed off too many of his gun-toting neighbors. He eventually settled in Kirtland, Ohio, near Cleveland, where his predilection for stealing other men’s wives got him tarred, feathered and beaten half to death in 1832. You’d figure this would have taught the Mormons not to go around antagonizing people, but no one will ever go broke overestimating the self-delusion of a cult.

Mormons and Muslims are unique in that they are the only religions that have fought wars against the U.S. government. The first Mormon War came in 1838, not long after Smith and his flock relocated to Missouri to recommence their lives of wife-thievery, political manipulation and ripping off the Gentiles (the term Mormons use to refer to non-Mormons). In a Fourth of July speech, Smith lackey Sidney Rigdon declared that the state’s non-Mormons would be wiped out in a “war of extermination,” inspiring Governor Lilburn Boggs to sign what Mormons self-pityingly call the “Extermination Order,” physically removing them from Missouri.

The LDS Church never learned that if you get kicked out of one bar, it might be because the owner is an asshole, but if you get kicked out of every bar you go into, you might be the asshole. Three months and two dozen shooting deaths later, the Mormons fled across the Mississippi River to Illinois, where Smith prophesied that Lilburn Boggs would “die by violent hands within one year.” Coincidentally, in 1842, Boggs was the victim of an assassination attempt, with Smith associate Porter Rockwell the primary suspect; Mormons celebrated the near-murder of the hated governor.

Smith successfully convinced the Illinois government to take the Mormons in, whitewashing their abuse of the Missourians and painting themselves as the victims of religious persecution. Settling in the riverside town of Nauvoo, Smith transformed it into a Mormon Mecca; within two years, it was as big as Chicago. He ran it like a personal fiefdom, serving as mayor and chief justice, aided by Mormons voting as a bloc, drowning out the native vote. He also commanded the Nauvoo Legion, a militia that was one-third the size of the U.S. military. Not content with lording over his private satrapy, Smith also launched a campaign to become president in 1844.

By this time, however, the Mormons had once again worn out their welcome. In 1844, when the Nauvoo Expositor published an expose of the LDS Church, Smith ordered the Nauvoo Legion to destroy the paper’s printing press. This was a step too far for the Gentiles, who arrested Smith and several of his associates. While awaiting trial, a mob of blackface-wearing men whose wives Smith had stolen broke into the jail and lynched him. The Mormon War in Illinois began not long after, with Smith successor Brigham Young taking his flock all the way to Utah, beyond the reach of the federal government.

Even ensconced in their new holy land, the Mormons couldn’t leave well-enough alone. The LDS Church would fight a third war with the government in 1857, during which Mormons attacked and murdered pioneers who crossed through their territory on the way to California, most notably in the Mountain Meadows MassacreThe LDS Church did not outlaw polygamy until 1890, when the government told them that Utah would not be admitted as a state until they did. The ban splintered the church, with polygamist Mormons fleeing to the Arizona Strip, where they still exist as the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, physically separated from the rest of the state by the Grand Canyon. FLDS leader Warren Jeffs was one of the FBI’s Top Ten Wanted Fugitives until his arrest in 2006 for child molestation, incest and marrying off underage girls to adult men.

Many polygamist Mormons also fled to Mexico, among them the Romney clan. Calling Mitt Romney a “Mormon” is like calling Stalin a “bad guy”: it’s technically true but is a massive understatement of the facts. The Romneys are one of the founding families of Mormonism, beginning with Miles Romney, who emigrated from England to Illinois in 1841 after being commissioned by Joseph Smith to construct the Nauvoo Temple. Mitt Romney’s father George, who served as governor of Michigan and ran for president in 1968, was born in a polygamist Mormon colony in Mexico. Romneys have held prominent positions in the LDS Church throughout its history. It’s a surprise that none of this was brought up by the media four years ago.

What really makes Mormon presidential ambitions disturbing is the White Horse Prophecy. Just prior to his death at the hands of a lynch mob of blackfaced cucks, Joseph Smith declared that a Mormon would become president when “the Constitution is hanging by a thread as fine as a silk fiber.” While not officially part of LDS doctrine, the prophecy is legendary among Mormons and helped fuel Mitt Romney’s presidential run in 2012.

Viewed in this context, the Mormon enthusiasm for Evan McMullin—and their hatred of Donald Trump—makes a lot more sense. Add in McMullin’s proven connections to ISIS and it all snaps into clear focus. The millenarian hysteria from Mormon leaders such as Glenn Beck, who believes that the alternative Right is a Russian conspiracy to destroy the Constitution, is a natural outgrowth of Mormons’ hostility to the American people. “But they’re so nice and polite,” I hear you shriek. Of course they’re nice, idiot. You can’t recruit people into cults by being mean and nasty to them.

Egg McMuffin’s campaign isn’t the only example of Mormon antipathy towards American nationalism. The LDS Church is an enthusiastic supporter of Muslim immigration and Latino illegals, with Mormons justifying their opposition to Trump’s immigration policies by saying “we were persecuted, too.” For all their feigned disgust towards Trump’s supposed moral turpitude, in 2010, Mormons in Nevada enthusiastically backed far-Left Democrat (and Senate Majority Leader) Harry Reid’s reelection campaign, all because Reid is a fellow Mormon. And despite their overblown role in supporting anti-gay marriage Proposition 8 in California in 2008, the LDS Church recently did an about-face on homosexuality, opening up a new section of their website called “Mormon and Gay.”

Put simply, the Mormons are not our friends, and they never have been. Like all cults, they exist solely to perpetuate and enrich themselves, and their mass defection from the GOP in the wake of Trump’s rise is proof of this. I don’t care that they’re mostly White. Portland, Oregon is a mostly-White city, but the Whites who live there are Leftist sexual degenerates. While the chances that Hillary will become president due to mass Mormon cucking is unlikely in the wake of the past week’s events, it’s proof that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is not to be trusted.

When I lived in the North Dakota oil basin years ago, one of my friends once jokingly referred to the local LDS temple as “that no-good, Hell-bound Mormon church.” Turns out she was right.
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  • Mormons are good at having traditional families and Mormon girls make the best tradwives.

    And I think moreso than anything the “Prophet” AND “Apostles” at the top of their Church are the ones who make them act like cucks. The head of the LDS church is apolitical and did CONGRATULATE Trump, but they’ve come out in favor of amnesty in an official statement — and even issued a public rebuke to Trump’s call for Muslim ban back in 2016.
    Overall the official head of the LDS Church (the 12 apostles and their current Prophet Russell Nelson and his 2 counselors) seem to be good guys but they are rich and elitists and push the equality myth downward to the wards of the church throughout the world.

    Seriously, Mormons are some of the nicest people I have met personally (I live in Tennessee so maybe the southern Mormons are nicer than the Utah ones) and they keep things super-trad family wise. But they do allow themselves get trapped voting for RINOs and Cuckservatives.

    The LDS church is mostly white by a lot in the US but something super cucky is that they strongly recommend 18 yr old men of the church to go on a Missionary trip for 2 years. Seems fun I suppose, until they send them to Africa or some Spic country. They do send them to Europe as well, but the Fact the LDS Church tries so hard to reach out to niggers and spics is cucky. Females have the Option to go on a mission if they want and Most of them don’t overall. Which is a good thing. Female missions are only 1 year and a half But imagine how super cucky it would be if they sent your white daughter to fuckin Egypt or Mexico or Haiti. I do think IN ALL FAIRNESS they Really Send the females to the Super Safe areas in the world, but I def wouldn’t want my white daughter being sent off to some spic nation No matter how safe it was.

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