We’re Not Losing Our Minds, the Globalists Are Driving Us Out of Our Minds!

The globalist establishment’s desperate attempts to gaslight Trump supporters and nationalists have exposed their true nature. Even if they can somehow steal the election for Hillary Clinton, they have completely destroyed their credibility.

In the current year, the political news cycle moves so fast that even a few hours away from the Internet will leave you stranded info-wise. So it was for me this past weekend, when I flew to Los Angeles to attend the West Coast premiere of The Red Pill (more on that later), severing me from Wikileaks’ constant flow of leaked emails from Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. Even if I had a secretary to help me manage my workload, there are so many anti-Hillary bombshells going off each day that it’s impossible for one man to track them all.

Going through every revelation from Wikileaks’ publications in a single article is not possible (they’ve been dropping new batches from Podesta’s email account every day since the second debate), but they effectively confirm every rotten thing we’ve suspected about Sick Hillary and her globalist goons. From her intimate connections to the Muslim regimes who are funding ISIS to her possible involvement in Antonin Scalia’s death to one of her staffers admitting that they’re “conspir[ing] to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry,” it’s been a banner year for conspiracy theorists. Even better, prominent #NeverTrump cuckservative Louise Mensch, best known for her ratfucking anti-SJW news site Heat Street, was revealed to be a secret Hillary supporter, hinting that other cucks might be on the Clinton payroll.

Compounding the Democrats’ woes are a series of undercover videos from James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Action showing the party engaging in electoral fraud and dirty tricks. For example, one video published on Tuesday shows that anti-Trump riots in cities like Chicago and San Jose—portrayed as grassroots protests by Bernie Sanders’ supporters—were actually orchestrated by the Clinton campaign. Several Democratic officials featured in the videos, such as Scott Foval of Americans United for Change, have already been fired. At this stage, I’m halfway to believing that Sick Hillary is actually a reptile alien from the planet Zirgnorph.

With the Hillary campaign imploding in spectacular fashion, the globalist deep state has reacted by openly trying to protect her. Bans and suspensions of major pro-Trump figures from social media platforms (such as Ricky Vaughn) are par for the course, but over the weekend, under pressure from the State Department, Ecuador cut Julian Assange’s Internet access in the London embassy where he resides. This move coincided with Wikileaks’ release of transcripts from Hillary’s secret Wall Street speeches, excerpts from which have already been published. The media has also been falsely claiming that Assange is a pedophile, laying the ground to justify his eventual arrest and execution.

The media has also launched an all-out assault on Trump for his supposed history of sexually assaulting women, curiously ignoring Bill Clinton’s documented history of rapes (and Hillary’s role in covering them up). It’s all for naught: Right-wing news sources such as GotNews have been debunking the media’s claims in real-time, while the search string “Bill Clinton is a rapist” is as popular as all of the anti-Trump sexual assault strings combinedA wave of bogus polls showing Hillary in the lead (oversampling Democrats to a degree that has never happened in a presidential election) rounds out the Pravda media’s efforts.

The only way to describe what the globalists are doing to us is gaslighting. It’s a term I’ve grown to despise due to its overuse by the most hypersensitive sectors of society, from feminists who suffer narcissistic injury whenever a man explains something to them to jilted women trying to start drama with their ex-boyfriends. But there’s no other concept that sums up how the establishment treats us peons.

Political correctness itself is a low-level form of gaslighting, designed to keep people from noticing the obvious truths in front of them, but the globalists’ onslaught against Trump goes beyond that. When the media constantly claims that the candidate who has to pay people to show up to her rallies is leading the candidate who always speaks to sold-out crowds; when we’re told that a bunch of sexual assault “victims” who don’t come forward until the month before their attacker’s presidential campaign ends are credible; when we’re told that Trump “lost” the debate even though we watched him pummel Hillary to the point where she couldn’t even enunciate words correctly, we are being psychologically abused on a mass scale.

The good news is that it isn’t working. The globalist establishment’s attempts to close ranks around Hillary—which now include firebombing GOP offices—are evident to even the lowest of low-information voters. Even if the Left can carry Sick Hillary’s corpse across the finish line, her administration will have zero credibility or democratic legitimacy. We’ve seen the American deep state exposed, and we know the truth. No amount of MSM brainwashing will be able to hide this naked emperor.

Tonight is the final debate between Clinton and Trump. By all indications, he will crush her. Either way, globalism delenda est.
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