Europe Rises – Daniel Friberg’s Speech at Identitarian Ideas

“The Left is dead – it has simply failed to understand that yet. But during the coming years, they will become painfully aware that the peoples of Europe have had their fill of their deranged work of destruction. Europe rises!”

Before I begin my speech, I would like to thank everyone who’ve been involved in Motpol over the last ten years. Not least my long-time colleague Joakim Andersen – who unfortunately couldn’t make it here today – but has definitely been the most important author at Motpol, and stands for at least 60% of the content the last ten years. Let’s give a warm round of applause to everyone who has contributed to Motpol.

Newton’s Third Law tells us that for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction. 70 years of liberal and socialist hegemony over the northern hemisphere, and the devastating social experiments that have followed in its foot steps, have led us to a situation when our entire civilization is about to be annihilated. Now, finally, the reaction comes.

The authentic Right, the New Right, the AltRight – whatever moniker you prefer to use for the world wide renaissance of nationalism, genuine conservatism, populism and ethnic consciousness that is now underway – is back with force. This while our opponents – liberals and Marxists of various schools – have just passed the apex of their power, and are on the retreat. We’ve passed “peak PC”, and our time is here.

We live, right now, in this historic paradigm shift. We nationalists, critics of the system and authentic conservatives, who for decades have been shunted to the sidelines and banned from public debate, now advance with raging speed. 2016 was an unusually bad year for our enemies, the globalists, and a good year for us. And it will get better.

Examples abound. Brexit was the first clear indication that something is about to happen. A signal to the European Union that it now has a choice between either becoming a truly European union, or disappear off of the stage of history in a few decades. December sees a new presidential election in Austria, and everything is pointing towards victory for the FPÖ candidate, which means that Austria will have its first nationalist president.

In the parliament of Poland there is now not one single Leftist party represented, and its government have adopted policies similar to Hungary’s. Speaking of Right run Hungary, a referendum on immigration will be held tomorrow, in which the Hungarian people, like the Fidesz government and the largest opposition party Jobbik, will say clearly “NO”, with at least 80% voting against Third World immigration. Thirty minutes from now, thousands of Hungarians will gather in central Budapest for a demonstration against immigration and for the native family.

In Germany the recently formed Alternative für Deutschland has, in the backwater of Angela Merkel’s madly irresponsible migration policies, reaped enormous successes in the latest regional elections. They now seem to be on the path of becoming one of the major parties in the upcoming German general election. In most other European countries populist parties and parties critical of immigration advance in strides.

On other continents we have similar examples. In the Philippines Rodrigo Duerte – also known as the Donald Trump of Asia – recently won the presidential election. During his first four months in government he has imprisoned or executed hundreds of thousands of drug dealers, begun enormous infrastructural projects and posed a merciless challenge to the globalists of the UN, of the Obama administration, and last but not least, those of the Islamist militias of the Philippines.

In India, the Hindu nationalist party BJP has been in power since 2014. Brazil also has its own answer to Donald Trump, in the form of presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro, who is expected to do well in the coming presidential election. And last, but not least, we have something fantastic happening the United States, in the form of the Trump phenomenon and the worldwide Alt Right movement, which has been boosted greatly by the success of Trump.

Even now there are clear signs that the neoconservative trolls who have transformed the republicans into a neoliberal, neoconservative and warmongering party will be extirpated from American politics. If Trump wins the election, and lives up to even half of the expectations we have reason to have of him, we may, for the first time in our lives, be able to call ourselves friends of the United States.

Given the function of the United States as the world’s cultural center and only super power the metapolitical as well as the real political effects of such a result of the election should not be underestimated. The last scarred remains of Western European socialists and liberals will find themselves squeezed between clear, populist Right wing politicians such as Trump and Putin, even as more and more European countries elect authentic Right wing governments and contribute to the political paradigm shift. The Left is dead – it has simply failed to understand that yet. But during the coming years, they will become painfully aware that the peoples of Europe have had their fill of their deranged work of destruction. Europe rises!

The fake, liberal Right is trying to reimagine itself to fit in with the new political mood. Believing that the problem lacks a real foundation in society – that the actual consequences of immigration on society and human beings in Europe do not exist, but in fact is some kind of game of rhetoric – the fake Right is now trying to depict itself as responsible. Proposals about banning the Muslim veil and trying to force various “values” on immigrant groups abound. Private schools should be banned, Swedish girls should be prohibited from segregating from Muslim men in bath houses and freedom of speech should be constrained so that it doesn’t threaten the social fabric. There is not one value or group of people that the politically correct Right isn’t ready to sacrifice, so long as it is allowed to continue allowing immigration and the multicultural deconstruction of our nations.

The coming elections in Europe will show that this tactic is entirely wasted. A complete cessation of further immigration, a humane and responsible, but consistent, repatriation policy and socially conscious Right-wing politics will be the platform that wins future European elections. And this only if it is intended in earnest. Reinfeldism and Merkelism will die in the coming years, and will go down in history as the absolute low points of the European “Right”.

What about the Left? Will it be able to take advantage of the silliness of the liberal Right, and score points in Northern Europe? Let us have a look at what it is up to:

This video is so ridiculous that I won’t torment you with the whole thing. Nor will I bother to reply to their worn out nonsense about there “being no Swedishness”. I will, however, comment on another propaganda myth from the movie, which our enemies have spent years to establish: namely that the multicultural society is here to stay, and impossible to abolish.

This is an important question, since this type of clever, defeatist propaganda – often used in war time to demoralize your opponent – has a tendency to take root even in rationally thinking people on our side. The purpose is to make us believe that resistance is futile, and that we might as well accept the situation.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The issue of repatriation must be brought up on the agenda, and it is time that our own – in my view far too careful and soft – populist party; the Sweden Democrats, do like their sister parties in Europe and work to introduce it into their agenda. Allow me to introduce my own, simple five point program for a successful policy of repatriation, in case you are not aware of it:

1) Review asylum rights for recent arrivals. The category of immigrants who could be most easily repatriated are the recent arrivals, who have yet to receive citizenship. Their grounds for asylum should be reviewed, and since the vast majority have insufficient grounds, their residence permits can be withdrawn. Those few who have reasonable grounds for asylum will be granted temporary residence permits, subject to regular review and reassessment. At this time, this group consists of well over 500,000 people (in Sweden).

Hungary has also proposed to the European Union that Europe should construct a gigantic city for migrants in Northern Libya, where all migrants who come illegally to Europe could be housed.

2) Our entire welfare system must be reformed from the ground up, and should be modeled on countries with systems which work better, such as Hungary’s. Through such reforms, one can eliminate most of the pull factors which lure non-European migrants to Sweden, and a significant portion of those already here will find reasons to try their luck elsewhere, since the economic incentives that drew them here to begin with will have been removed.

3) Zero tolerance for crime. Immigrants without citizenship will have their residence permits cancelled and hence be deported for any and all types of crime. Immigrants who have received citizenship should have it revoked in cases of serious crimes. Since many immigrants already have dual citizenship, this would seldom be a problem for them.

4) Incentive programs. We will implement a program which creates positive incentives for those in Sweden who have roots in other countries to return to their homelands, or else to adjacent nations within the same cultural sphere. One such incentive could be a one-off payment – a ’re-establishing subsidy‘ – for those who return while also requiring those who accept it to sign a contract which will require them to never return to Sweden or Europe, following the Danish model. Given the enormous expenses incurred through the process of accepting asylum-seekers, as well as those wrought by the need to support unemployed immigrants for a lifetime, such re-establishing subsidies could be rather generous without any necessary adverse effects on state finances. Considering the catastrophic consequences of immigration on a social level, one could also argue that certain temporary economic hardships would in fact be legitimate investments. Furthermore, a generous reestablishment subsidy would be a good incentive for the countries of origin involved which may be reluctant to take them back in.

5) Bilateral agreements. The four points above should be combined with agreements and settlements concluded with the immigrants’ home countries, as well as the other nations in their vicinity. The chances of reaching such settlements are high. For one thing, to date Swedish foreign aid has largely been issued on the terms demanded by the recipients – a deranged idea that the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) even has the gall to brag about in public. It is time to shift the focus so that all foreign aid is offered on our own terms, rather than on those of the recipients. Such terms could and should include the demand that countries receiving aid must be willing to receive their own countrymen back when the time is right, given that those who are currently temporarily residing in Sweden are pressuring our welfare system to the breaking point. Paying these subsidies will be far cheaper than keeping these people in Sweden, particularly if one takes into account the social and civic costs which are difficult to measure in financial terms.

In those cases when the country of origin cannot be persuaded by any means to accept its own citizens, deals can be struck with third countries, which can be compensated financially for receiving the migrants. Australia has recently implemented this model successfully.

Repatriation is not inhumane, impossible, or undesirable. On the contrary, it is humane, possible, and necessary. Furthermore, it is also the natural step to take after the tidal wave of new migrants has been halted. If the post-Brexit European Union has even a slight interest in once more becoming a functioning political entity which is legitimate in the eyes of its citizens, there is no other option: the issue of repatriation must be added to its agenda.

Let us, as soon as possible, implement across the entire European continent policies, which send out a clear message to the majority of those who have settled here for no reason: time to move back home.

The latter half of the 20th century was dominated by liberalism and socialism, as a consequence of the old Right’s collapse and crisis of legitimacy after the Second World War. At the beginning of the 21th century, the Left and the liberals are having a similar crisis of legitimacy, as a consequence of their inability to answer the great questions of our time, and meet the great challenges of the day. What we are witnessing across the world right now is the decline and fall of the Left and liberalism, and the return of the authentic Right. Given the severe problems to which the Right efficiently offers solutions, and the inability of the Left to tackle the very same problems, I predict that this trend will not just continue, but increase in strength. We should be grateful for this, since it offers our civilization a realistic chance of survival.

We live in an age of great crises. An age where the very existence of our European civilization itself is threatened. But thanks to this we also live in an age with opportunities for heroic deeds. So let us not view our situation as a burden, but as a magnificent opportunity to accomplish something heroic in our own lifetime. The time of our enemies has passed, and within a decade we will populate the corridors of power all across Europe. Let us therefore embrace this adventure in the knowledge that, in the end, we will be victorious.
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