Back in the U.S.S.A., Trump’s Here to Save the Day

What the globalist establishment may lack in efficacy, they make up for in sheer tenacity. The past two weeks have seen an unprecedented assault on Donald Trump and his supporters, as the Left seeks to overthrow the chosen president of the people in a coup.

Globalists worldwide are increasingly starting to resemble Lennie from Of Mice and Men: big, dumb galoots that just make things worse whenever they try to make things right. Over the weekend, their opposition to Donald Trump has become so naked that we can practically count the hemorrhoids. Since Friday, the Pravda media has been trying to horrify Americans with an illegally recorded, decade-old tape of Trump talking like every other man does when the kids are asleep and the wife is out of earshot.

Leftists are citing “PussyGate” (as the Twitterati have dubbed it) as proof that Trump is an evil misogynist who abuses women. That’s pretty damn audacious, considering that Bill Clinton is a probable serial rapist with a long line of confirmed victims, and Hillary played a major role in intimidating said victims into silence. When you add in the fact that the Donald’s ex-wives—as well as some of Slick Willie’s ex-paramours—are supporting his presidential bid, it kinda deflates the media’s narrative of him as a sex-crazed pig, but the Left never gets reality get in the way of a coup.

Yes, coup. That’s the only word that describes what’s going on. Within hours of the story’s publication, numerous Republican politicians began condemning Trump, with more than a few rescinding their endorsements. Even more incredibly, many Republicans (such as my Senator, Mark Kirk Kuck) have been calling for Trump to end his presidential campaign, urging the party leadership to replace him with running mate Mike Pence. The coordination between the media, the Democrats and the Republicans was too obvious for even normies to miss.

PussyGate was instigated by the Bush family (Billy Bush, who recorded the tape, is a relative of George W. and Jeb) to kneecap Trump at a crucial moment. With every reliable indicator showing that the Donald will crush Hillary on Election Day, the globalists are mounting a last-ditch effort to push the Lizard Queen over the finish line. Their hope is that by merely having their MSM puppets say that the Trump tapes are devastating, enough undecided voters will get the hint and vote for Hillary. Failing that, they want to shame the cucks of the GOP into defenestrating Trump, the most popular Republican in a generation.

The release of the Trump tapes was also timed to bury Wikileaks’ latest batch of dirt on the Democrats. After trolling the world with a drug-addled press conference in the middle of the night last week, Julian Assange released an archive of leaked emails from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta on Friday. Among the emails were transcripts of the secret six-figure speeches Hillary delivered to Goldman Sachs, Xerox and other big corporate clients. In them, she freely admits that she wants open borders and a free market across the entire hemisphere, that she takes different positions based on whether she’s talking to the public or to her donors, and she sucks up to Wall Street with the obsequiousness of a coke whore. Yet at least 40 percent of Americans will vote for her because Trump said uncouth things in private once.

If you still doubt that the U.S. has become the U.S.S.A., I don’t think even being bashed in the head with a crowbar could convince you. We’re living through a hi-tech re-run of the Business Plot, when a group of business moguls conspired to overthrow President Franklin Roosevelt and install a dictatorship. However, unlike that plot, not only is the entire business, government and media establishment trying to install Hillary as president, they’re doing so in the name of an ideology that is utterly evil and destructive.

The faggot fueling the fire of PussyGate is the faggotry of the Republican Party and cuckservatives in general. The average gelding can’t comprehend that women love aggressive, masculine men like Trump, and being a gelding is a prerequisite for success in the GOP. If you’re manly and assertive enough, girls won’t just let you get away with murder, they’ll drive the getaway car for you. I know this because I’ve experienced some of what the Donald talks about: my reputation as a widely despised Right-wing journalist pays in both shekels and clams. As Leonard Cohen put it, I advise you all to become rich and famous.

When the castrati of the cuckservative movement look at Donald Trump and his long line of supermodel wives and girlfriends, they rage with jealousy. The sex lives of men like Reince Priebus and Erick Erickson are barren and miserable, and some of them—such as Ben Howe—are literal cuckolds. Rather than acknowledge that the fault lies with them, they lash out in preening, phony moralizing, the mirror image of male feminists like Anthony Weiner. Their Pharisaical sexual morality—whether it comes in the form of “affirmative consent” or freaking out over locker room talk—is a cover for their own failings as men.

Unfortunately for them, it doesn’t look like it’s working. Trump is genuinely beloved by the American people, who are not taking kindly to the party’s attempts to shackle their champion. Yesterday, a crowd of thousands spontaneously assembled at Trump Tower to encourage the Donald to stay in the race, and Paul Ryan—who disinvited Trump to a rally he was holding—was booed off stage by a basket of deplorables. Even the media’s rigged polls are showing that this October surprise is deflating like an erection in ice water. Much like the Alicia Machado incident, when the media tried to paint a drug lord’s murder accomplice and baby mama as a victim of Trump’s sexism, PussyGate is a non-starter with the voting public.

To make matters worse, by smearing Trump as a rapist, they’ve given him license to take the gloves off in regards to the Clintons’ past. In a statement on Friday night, Trump referenced Bill Clinton’s alleged rapes and Hillary’s role in covering them up, saying he would tackle them at tonight’s debate. There are even rumors that the Donald will be bringing Juanita Broaddrick—who Clinton assaulted when he was Arkansas Attorney General in the 1970’s—to sit in the audience. At this rate, the globalists will need to start World War III with Russia to forestall the Trumpening.

Wait, I shouldn’t give them any ideas.
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