The Matador of Modernity

There is a shift in the wind in the West. Shibboleths that have stood for generations are being rocked by the grubby hands of the peasantry and the core doctrines and taboos through which the establishment has ruled the minds of men are being flouted openly. The respectables are becoming more shrill as the deplorables become more bold. While we have not yet stormed the strongholds of progressivist thought, change is coming. We smell blood.

Is it possible in the current year that the shackles of leftism in the West are being broken?

This article proposes a dialectical theory of ideological change over time and applies that theory to the changes we see presently in order to posit what might be ahead. The core contention of this theory is that ideological developments throughout the modern period have been managed in a dialectical fashion in order to advance oligarchic interests against the interests of Western man. For the purposes of illustration, this theory will be presented via metaphor.

Let us imagine modernity as an arena with a magisterial matador commanding the show. The matador is those who rule modernity; let us call them the financial oligarchy. The bull is the aggregate of modern man; the mass man who has been told and is largely convinced that he is The People. It is this Will of the People, in the bull’s mind, which determines who rules.

The red mureta which the matador uses to direct the charging of the bull, the weapon which deflects the attention of the bull and ensures his domination, is the ideologies of modernity. Whether the bull is charging left or right is of no concern to the matador. The entire process is moving in the direction that the matador desires: the thorough domination and complete exhaustion of the bull and the bull’s final end at the hand of the matador.

Some misconceptions should here be cleared away that are common amongst those of us who have stepped outside the dialectic of modernity and watch the spectacle in dismay. The matador does not remotely control the bull. Rather, the matador understands the nature of the bull well enough to control the beast indirectly. The matador rules the bull through intellect. The bull believes that history is accidental and that his experience of reality is unmediated. The matador knows that neither of those is true.

The bull is complicit in this spectacle of his humiliation. It is the matador’s knowledge of the nature of the bull which is key to his power.

Through control of central banking, think tanks, academic research grants and the propaganda complex, the oligarchy directs the ideological dialectic to achieve their aims. Ideological rigidity ensures the corruption of the social sciences, lest rivals to the oligarchy emerge. Revolutions, financial crises and wars are also crucial to such politico-cultural machinations. The ultimate objective of the oligarchy is no secret. They desire absolute global control. For this, the bull must be utterly crushed.

The promotion of Bolshevism in Russia is a clear example of the matador at work. The national socialist reaction this created in Central Europe also served the interests of the international financiers. When this pro-ethnic ideology was discredited through conquest, the postwar Cultural Marxist counter-reaction advanced the interests of international finance even further. Today Cultural Marxism is the ideological paradigm still currently enthroned in the West.

Cultural Marxism within the West and neoconservative imperialism outside it have suppressed ethnic identity and debased cultural mores around the world. The dialectical response to this suppression of ethnicity and cultural identity will be the resurgence of ethnic nationalism. For those stuck on the level of the bull, this will seem right. For those watching from the stands who have stepped outside the dialectic of modernity, this will be a tragedy. The matador will remain in control.

The bull’s awareness is stuck in time, frozen in linear Aristotelian logic. The bull lives in a world of single causes and effects. He requires simple answers. He sees only the red cape, and due to his unchanging nature will always charge it.

The power of the matador lies in his superior understanding of the causes of historical change over time. He apprehends the dialectic nature of reality. Having parsed the dense prose of the German Idealists, he has grasped the same power that Marx attained – the knowledge of how to control and enslave the bull. He wields the dialectic for his own power and glorification.

The appeal of the ideologies of modernity is their cultivation of faith. Those who direct history have long understood that belief systems are what make human groups cohere. Ideologies function as religions in this regard; both provide frameworks of meaning which enable social organisation. The dialectical process operates as a society loses faith in its ideological direction and then veers to its apparent opposite, guided by the machinations of the oligarchy. The spiritual element of this dynamic cannot be ignored. The bull runs on faith.

At the root of this dialectic of modernity is the worship of ideals. Since the Enlightenment, men have been progressively indoctrinated to worship reason, equality, freedom and progress. The promotion of these ideals has been carried out in order to demoralise and destroy the bull. The worship of equality has destroyed hierarchy and the order it enabled. The worship of freedom has destroyed family and community, just as faith in progress has destroyed heritage and tradition. The deracinated, anonymous urban proles of the world are the result of this destruction of the civilisations.

Each run of the bull is requiring a shorter and shorter distance as, over time, the final synthesis of the dialectic of modernity comes closer. There is today little to distinguish liberalism and socialism from each other, and the globalist architecture has been largely constructed. The job of the matador is almost done, and the bull is now very exhausted. Soon it will be time for the slaughter, and the ritual will be complete.

One final global conflagration may be required for the ultimate synthesis of the Cold War dialectic and the destruction of all national sovereignty of peoples. Whether democratic socialism as currently implemented in the West will emerge as the global paradigm of control afterward remains to be seen. Supernational entities which manifest globalism such as the UN, IMF and others are the products, not the causes, of this process.

The problem for us today is not the existence of the matador per se. The bull will always be ruled. Our problem is that the matador is evil. He sees the bull as a means, not an end. The bull for him is merely a vehicle for his own exaltation and vanity.

The matador rules the bull because the matador understands reality and human nature far better than the bull. The bull lives by appearances; the matador has left Plato’s cave and sees things as they really are. This knowledge is his power. He knows the bull will always charge because human nature does not change.

Expecting the bull to gain the level of insight of the matador on his own is a fool’s errand. The bull will always be bigger than the matador, and will always be a bull. Instead it is the duty of right-thinking men who can see the spectacle for what it is to lead the bull out of the arena and back to the pastures of his home.

The way for the bull to break free from his enslavement and humiliation is to be reminded of his higher nature. Bulls were not made for the amusement of matadors. They deserve better than such cruelty and mockery. Should the bull refuse to charge and instead leave the arena for the green pastures he was raised in, the matador cannot stop him.

The bull will only be free when he returns to his heritage and rediscovers his traditions. Refuse the red square that has been placed for you, men of the right. Step outside the dialectic. Only then will the power of the matador be lost, and the dignity of the bull restored.

The bull needs a steward, not a matador. The hope for modern man is to reject the dialectic, return to hearth and home and seek to rediscover the treasures modernity has taken from him.

Doing this will require the rediscovery of the faith of his ancestors. There has been no stable, flourishing civilisation without a faith to unify the society and provide ontological coherence for its members. Traditional religion provides such a barrier to degeneracy. To accomplish this, however, will require consideration of the ultimate metaphysical question for all right-thinking men: Who controls the matador?

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