Hillary Clinton, the Alt-Right, and the Globalist Cthulhu

Hillary Clinton’s speech attacking the alt-Right wasn’t simply about naming her enemies: it’s the start of her outreach to spurned cuckservatives. She hopes to forge a globalist alliance to shut down nationalism once and for all.

‘Twas the night before Hillary’s alt-Right speech when all thro’ the house, not a creature was stirring, not even Pepe the Frog. Then we ran down to the Christmas tree and unwrapped our presents… only to find that we got sweaters. The Lizard Queen was expected to deliver a fiery Two Minutes Hate for the benefit of America’s Pravda media and the chattering classes, complete with denunciations of figures like Mike Cernovich, Richard Spencer and the like. Instead, we got a toothless retread of the same themes she’s been hammering for a year, the only addition being her recitation of Milo Yiannopoulos headlines.

Make no mistake: tactically, Hillary’s speech attacking the alternative Right was a massive failure. It’s clear that the reason it was delayed for nearly two hours was because her handlers realized that giving publicity to her enemies was a bad idea, so they rewrote the speech at the last minute. The result was a lame mishmash of platitudes and bromides that pleased no one, aside from the stenographers in the MSM. Alt-Righters watched the speech and went, “That’s IT?”, while normies were driven to Google us to find out what we’re about. (For example, the live show I did on Hillary’s speech is now one of the most viewed videos on my YouTube channel.)

Strategically, however, Hillary has laid the groundwork for an anti-nationalist alliance, hoping to isolate the alt-Right and ensure permanent globalist dominance.

Credit goes to Radix’s Hannibal Bateman for calling it first. Hillary’s speech specifically delineated the differences between the alt-Right and “good” Republicans (aka cuckservatives). She specifically named Bob Dole, John McCain, and George W. Bush—two losers and a president whose incompetence directly led to the rise of Obama and the Left—as the kinds of Republicans she admired and wished were still dominant. The message is clear: Hillary wants cucks to join her in her fight against us nasty White supreme-ists.

They’ve been drifting in that direction already. Neocons such as Robert Kagan have already thrown their lot in with Clinton, as she shares their lust for starting pointless wars fought by other mens’ sons. Perpetually bankrupt, publicly cuckolded nancyboy Ben Howe declared his support for Hillary following Donald Trump’s victory in the Indiana primary last May. With #NeverTrump’s final temper tantrum—a failed floor revolt on the first day of the Republican National Convention—squashed, the organs of “respectable” conservatism have been sidelined for good.

Proving once again that they’re the cheapest whores in the brothel, many cuckservatives gushed about how much they enjoyed the Potemkin patriotism of the Democratic National Convention last month. Rich Galen burst into tears while watching it on TV, while corpulent blob Erick Erickson breathlessly declared it the “convention of patriotism this year.” A week later, these same dweebs were trying to defenestrate Trump for impugning the integrity of Khizr “Kinky Lick” Khan, ’cause we gotta support the troops (by sending them to die in meaningless Middle Eastern wars).

Hillary’s not stupid. She’s playing cuckservatives like ukuleles. Mainstream conservatives frame their morality around a Pharaisacal conception of “goodness,” where a victory achieved through sacrificing your principles is worse than losing. Donald Trump may be the only candidate who will conserve the American nation, but his supposed “vulgarity,” sex life and unwillingness to play by the Left’s rules all offend the cucks’ sensibilities. They’d rather lose and continue to look like good people to their Leftist neighbors than win.

And now Hillary is enjoining them to enter her ranks. To drive the point home, her website published an attack piece on the alt-Right yesterday, specifically stating that the alt-Right “is not conservatism or the Republican Party.” In other words, “You good conservatives aren’t racists! Join us and help extirpate the stench of White supremacy from America.” A pat on the head and a doggie treat later, and Conservatism Inc. heels like a good pup.

Let’s be real: cuckservatism has zero viability on the national stage. While Right-wingers can win state-level victories in the Deep South and parts of the Midwest, the race-blind, tax-focused, God-infused conservatism of Erick Erickson and Ted Cruz has no future in Washington. Cucks who try to split off from the GOP will find themselves isolated and powerless, as the collapse of Bill Kristol’s Renegade Party and Evan McMullin’s laugh track-worthy presidential bid show. Even Great Lolbertarian Hope Gary Johnson managed to blow a smoking hole in his own foot by endorsing a carbon tax.

The only hope for cuckservatism to survive is as an appendix of a bigger movement: the civic nationalism of Trump’s GOP or the globalist dystopia of Hillary’s Democrats.

Elements of the cuck coalition are already joining the latter. Cruz supporters are now running pro-Hillary, anti-Trump ads in several swing states. Jamie Weinstein (fiance of Corey Lewandowski assault hoaxer Michelle Fields) has called for a “negotiated surrender” to Hillary, demanding policy concessions from her in exchange for letting Trump drift out to sea. Like a battered wife, cuckservatives have become so inured to abuse from the Left that they actively crave it.

It remains to be seen whether the rest of the cuckservatives will go gently into that good night. While some will no doubt be repulsed by the Democrats’ anti-life, anti-Christian ideology, others will seek both the baubles of power and the desire to prove how “good” (read: not-racist) they are. One thing’s for certain: they’ll never be a force on the American political stage ever again.
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