The Tombstone of the American Empire

Dying nations are defined in part by their ability to delude themselves. The Flight 93 National Memorial in Pennsylvania is a case in point. Americans will do anything to deny the reality that they are at war with Islam.

In his book The Great Derangement, Matt Taibbi described how, when the revolutionaries broke into the Czar’s palace during the Russian Revolution, they were shocked to find tarot cards, crystal balls and other mystical objects strewn about. The Russian nobility could not face the reality that their nation was collapsing around them, so they withdrew into astrology and other occult hobbies in hopes of conjuring up a path out of the mess they had created.

America and the West in general—or at least the Left—is in the same situation. On September 11, 2001, America was attacked by Muslims who explicitly stated they wanted to destroy our nation, that our very existence was an affront to their god. Ever since that day, Leftists have refused to acknowledge this reality, whether it’s by trying to blame all religion (“There are extremist Christians too!”), blaming American “imperialism” (which explains why France, Germany and other White countries have also been targeted), outright lying (the “religion of peace” nonsense), or burying their heads in the sand.

The problem with this is that Leftists run the government and are in charge of writing our national history, which includes the monuments to September 11. I saw this when I visited the Flight 93 National Memorial in Stoystown, Pennsylvania earlier this week. The Memorial commemorates the passengers and crew of Flight 93, who overpowered their hijackers and forced the plane to crash in nearby Shanksville instead of the Capitol, its intended target. By any objective measure, they’re heroes, and their sacrifice saved countless lives on what was the deadliest act of war to ever occur on American soil.

But you wouldn’t know it by going to the Flight 93 memorial. In the funhouse reality of political correctness, 9/11 wasn’t a deliberate attack by Muslims: it was a natural disaster, something that just sort of happened. There are no villains to demonize, no heroes to lionize and certainly no enemy that we need to rally to defeat. There’s just the weepy sentimentality that follows an act of God tearing through your neighborhood.

I should have expected this. Three years ago, I swung by the National September 11 Memorial and Museum in downtown Manhattan, commemorating where the Twin Towers used to stand. The Museum itself wasn’t even open yet: despite being more than twelve years after the attack, the only portions that were open were the North and South Pools and a pair of gift shops. Similarly, the Flight 93 National Memorial wasn’t completed until a day short of the ten-year anniversary of 9/11. It’s another sign of our decline that the nation that built the world’s tallest building in just over a year now takes a decade to construct a pair of concrete bunkers.

And yes, that’s what the Memorial amounts to: two ugly grey structures overlooking the gulley where the plane went down. Both are reminiscent of 1970’s brutalist architecture, that mercifully brief era where governments designed their buildings as hideously as possible in order to mock the plebs. One of the bunkers is the Visitor Center, which features a small museum about the attack and a gift shop; the other is called the “Learning Center” and consists of a pair of bathrooms. Both of them are in disrepair, with the Learning Center’s lettering outright missing from the front entrance.

From the Visitor Center, you can get a good look at the crash site before taking one of two trails down to the actual memorial, which is a giant concrete crescent wall with a couple of booths near the end. The actual crash site is closed to the public, but it’s marked with a sandstone boulder that is visible from both the overlook and the Memorial Plaza. One end of the wall is inscribed with the names of Flight 93’s passengers and crew, with indents along the middle portion where tourists can leave mementos. In one of the shacks on the far end, you can scribble little notes and leave them on a bulletin board.

What struck me throughout the entire experience was how carefully the designers avoided mentioning the people who actually hijacked Flight 93. The plaque at the Learning Center makes reference to how “[f]our commercial airliners were hijacked on September, 11, 2001,” as if those planes somehow changed course and crashed into those buildings all on their own. The terrorists are obliquely referred to as being members of al-Qaeda, but zero reference is made to their religion or the fact that said religion was their primary motivation for murdering over 3,000 Americans.

This is why the West is dying. When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, Americans didn’t wring their hands and pretend that those Kate bombers piloted themselves over Honolulu; they declared war, kicked the Japanese in the teeth, cut their balls off and threw them into the Pacific. The emotions evoked by the 9/11 memorials in Stoystown and Manhattan don’t include patriotism or a desire for vengeance: they evoke moping and whining. “Oh gosh, thousands of people died for… reasons. Let’s have a big group hug and lie to ourselves about how 9/11 brought us together as a nation.”

The other striking thing about the Flight 93 National Memorial was how poorly maintained it was. In addition to the Learning and Visitor Centers falling apart, the trails connecting them to the Memorial Plaza are overgrown with weeds. A plaque near the bottom claims this is by design, claiming that the Memorial is “living,” which to me sounds like code for “We’re too cheap to pay someone to run the weed whacker.” The infantile conception of nature—allowing plants to reclaim a man-made space—further illustrates that Western civilization has lost its will to exist.

And if the weekly ISIS attacks in Europe and America are anything to go by, beating Leftists with baseball bats does not make them smarter. Even as Muslims scream “ALLAH AKBAR!” as they open fire inside gay nightclubs or drive trucks into crowds of drunk revelers, the Left continues to blame gun ownership, Christianity, Donald Trump, “homophobia” or a million other made-up maladies. If they get their way, in fifty years people will probably think that Right-wing White males were behind 9/11, much in the same way that the South’s “dark history” and “hate” was blamed for a card-carrying Communist’s assassination of John F. Kennedy.

God bless America. Land of the cowardly, home of the slave.
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