4 Ways to Rid Yourself of Leftists

Leftists are brazen in the Age of Obama. They know that the government is always on their side. They can basically do whatever they want as it’s politically incorrect to prosecute them.

Leftists are brazen in the Age of Obama. They know that the government is always on their side. They can basically do whatever they want as it’s politically incorrect to prosecute them.

A Trump victory in the fall means everything to those Americans who still cherish freedom. Without it, we better get used to the fact that both our first and second amendment rights are in serious jeopardy.

When George W. Bush was in office they were not so audacious when it came to acting out their malevolent fantasies. These are people of the feelz, and they find argumentation and debate repulsive.

To the leftist, violence is the new argument. They commit acts of it whenever they can and bounce about our public places like kangaroos on Pervitin. Every day they try to deny their opponents the ability to earn a living, travel or even meet peacefully.

Personally, I no longer want to have anything to do with them. The last thing I covet is spending time with disturbed freaks. Allow me to offer up four ways by which you too can preserve your sanity by purging yourself of their presence.

1. Speak Truth to Neurotics

Leftists hallucinate on a daily basis. One of the easiest way to completely alienate them is by speaking the truth. They have a powerful allergy towards facts. None of their illusions can be maintained alongside reality.

Best practice is to expose them to information that they cannot dispel by shouting racist, sexist or xenophobe at it (they’ll still try). Let them know what the national debt is. Give them the exact figure. When they respond, “If everyone paid their fair share then we would not have that debt,” you then point out that even if we stole every penny from “the rich” we would not have enough to pay half of what we owe. They will then begin to feel uncomfortable. That’s a good start.

Increase their pain by asking them to explain what exactly our federal bureaucracies accomplish. Do they produce anything of value? Encourage him to outline the merits of having a Department of Commerce and a Department of Labor. Wouldn’t the private sector do more for the poor than HUD? Encourage the leftist to “tell us what you know.” He doesn’t know anything which means the little snevie will be halfway out the door already.

To the leftist, conversations should be a snug, revealing pair of yoga pants he dons in order to show off how smart he is. Good luck! Dim, was very dim, and time spent thinking interferes with time spent emoting. Suddenly he will remember that Whole Foods is having a sale on meatless frozen food and scurry off.

2. Deny Them Virtue Signaling

Virtue signaling lies at the root of the leftist’s public shtick. Their minds constantly repeat the phrase “I care, you don’t” as they mooch along our streets. Let them know immediately that you don’t buy a word of it.

Articulate what you know which that the leftist doesn’t care about anyone. They are foul, despicable creatures who think nothing of stealing from most productive citizens, and putting people on the dole for life. They devastate the poor and deny them self-improvement.

Ask the leftist how much money he has given to “the poor.” If he is so concerned about the destitute then why doesn’t he simply donate half of his earnings to down-and-out strangers?

To ask the question is to answer it. He doesn’t give a damn at all. He just wants to pose as if he does. If need be, follow this up by asking the mangina where he lives. Then look up the demographics of that particular area.

Nine times out of ten, the leftist lives in an upscale, chic area and would not jut a Manolo Blahnik into a neighborhood populated by the people props he so longs to defend.

3. Ridicule Them

The leftist is a sensitive little kitty cat. He or she is a buffoon filled with self-importance. Therefore, it does not take much to send them into a fit of narcissistic rage. That they are one of the “good people” is a sacred belief so have fun mocking their pretensions.

Jeer at them vigorously. Really put some muscle into it. You could start by pulling up a guy’s sleeve as he speaks. When he asks why, tell him that you just wanted to check what kind of Lindy West tattoo he had. Then sincerely ask if it is mandatory for all of them to be branded with the mark of a wildebeest?

When discussing illegal immigration ask if the real reason he is in favor of it is due to his illicit desire to get raped. Is that something he’d like to share or discuss? Maybe he could do a social story on it for everyone present.

Male feminists are easy, obese meat. A good conversation opener with one of them is to wonder aloud if being a sissy is the real reason why he hates “toxic masculinity” so. Act confused and say, “Ah, now I get it. You’re just mad because your dad made you take off that dress 30 years ago. That’s why you hate being a man, right?” Soon, they will feign an emergency appointment with the manicurist in order to fly out the door.

4. Psychoanalyze Them in Public

Turn the tables and play Dr. Concern Troll with them. Identify how strange it is that he, a white male, would hate Caucasians so. Inquire as to what event in their early childhood made them hate their own kind. It had to be something. Try to flesh it out for them in front of their friends co-competing parasites.

Emphasize that you’re only asking these questions because you care. Another good technique for separating leftists from your social circle is to explore their fascination with gays and lesbians.

Feign bewilderment and query, “You said you’re straight, yet every word out of your mouth is about the LGBTBBWBBQ community. I think we both smell a Valenti here don’t we? What’s your true orientation? Let me guess, you’re the gimp from Pulp Fiction? I mean deep down. Tell us all the truth. No judgments. Hold on…let me see if I can find a red ball…”

The masochist/cuck angle is definitely one you should play. They hate that most of all because they know (at some level) that you are correct. Just a few questions can ignite their egos: “You know feminists hate men and yet you prefer their company. That’s kind of suspicious. What’s really going on here?”

Ask him to remove his shirt so you can count how many cigarette burn marks he has on his back from Big Tess. Say that you want to enter him in a Mr. Bitch competition and need an exact number in order to complete the nomination form. That’s giving a leftist the sort of empathy he deserves.

If you have his email address, send out a mass mailing with several other names attached, and demand that he explain this picture to everyone. Ask if the act is just something that he enjoys or if it a general prerequisite in order to become a male feminist.

Yes, the fun that you too can have with leftists. Use some of these strategies and you can be free of their presence. If only we could do the same thing at the national level, then we would succeed in saving western civilization.



Bernard Chapin uploads daily videos on Youtube at his channel, Chapin’s INFERNO. He also runs the website Male Defender, and has just published a new book: Man Going His Own Way.

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