All Quiet on the Midwestern Front

Wednesday must have been a day off for the professional Leftist agitators at the RNC. Aside from a march put on by the Revolutionary Communist Party, there was little action to report.

After peaking on Monday, the Leftist anarchy at the Republican National Convention has hit the valley of its sine wave. Yesterday, I slipped into a march/flag-burning event put on by the Revolutionary Communist Party, a Leftist front group consisting of mental invalids who think the 100 million global body count Marxism racked up in the past century wasn’t high enough. However, the protest was low-energy, so I spent most of the day doing other things.

RevCom’s protest was the primary focus of my coverage on Red Ice: watch the stream here. However, by the time I arrived at the march at the corner of 4th and Prospect, the crowds were too thick for me to get through. The only items of note were me running into Roosh and a sickly-looking Indian calling me out for being a “Nazi.” William Rome and Edwin Oslan saw more action, as they were confronted once again by stent-sporting schoolmarm Daryle Jenkins, who tried to diss the latter by telling him… he read his blog. Wow. You stay witty, Daryle.

I doubled back through the crowds on 4th, then crossed over to 3rd via Euclid hoping for a better view of the RevCom march. However, at that point, it had dwindled to a crowd of two dozen trust-fund cases chanting “ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR: SLAVERY, GENOCIDE AND WAR!” They were trailed by burly men wearing “Bikers for Trump” jackets and a gaggle of counter-protesters wielding “Socialism Sucks” signs that used the same font as Bernie Sanders’ logos. However, I did run into Chuck Johnson, who would later get assaulted by Jamie Weinstein, the hapless soon-to-be hubby of Trump bruise hoaxer Michelle Fields.

I later linked up with Nathan Damigo of Identity Evropa (also filming for Red Ice), where we tracked RevCom through Public Square and down Ontario. While en route, we ran across a Westboro Baptist Church protest and a group of performance artists wearing striped socks and body-sized Moai statue masks. Watch my recording below:

After Nathan and I were done, I linked up with Roosh and his crew while they were trolling passersby by pretending to be “Gays for Trump,” calling Hillary Clinton and Cleveland “homophobic.” My friends and I later dropped by a bar in Ohio City, whose owner told us why he thought Vladimir Putin would make the best president and a drunk Italian girl explained why her first foray into bisexuality turned her off to lesbian sex: “it was too squishy.”

Aside from this, there wasn’t much to say about Wednesday at the RNC. The biggest event was Ted Cruz grenading his political career, but I wasn’t there to see it in person. I presume that the Left is saving their biggest wad for Thursday, the finale of the convention. I plan to be there to watch it unfold.
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