The Protocols of the Elders of Green Bay

Despite the progress made by the alternative Right and the Donald Trump campaign, Conservatives still have a long way to go. My experience at a class in Milwaukee designed to help Conservatives become more effective in politics shows this.

Immersion in the isolation tank of alt-Right media insulates us from the reality that we’re still a minority among Conservatives. For every be-pimpled shitlord drawing up dank memes on his mom’s Lenovo, there’s a dozen prune-like Calvinists perched outside the local high school, holding up giant signs of aborted fetuses and thanking single mothers-to-be for adding another useless eater to the welfare rolls.

Nowhere is this more evident than Wisconsin, land of naivete and artery plaque. Back home in New York, “Wisconsin” is a byword for degeneracy, the stereotypical origin of the sickly-looking beardos and Stay Puft Marshmallow Ladies streaming into Brooklyn on Daddy’s credit line. Much like how the coprophilic oil barons of Saudi Arabia send their restless sons to fight for ISIS, the moneyed suburbanites of the Midwest merrily ship their overeducated, underemployed spawn off to the coasts, where they’re free to elect lunatic Leftist mayors and gentrify the locals out of their own neighborhoods.

Wisconsin runs New York City now: Bill de Blasio, the miscegenating momma’s boy mayor of the Big Apple, was the chosen candidate of Gawker and the hipster leisure class. Wisconsin also runs the Republican Party: the Dumb and Dumber duo of RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and House Speaker Paul Ryan both hail from the Badger State. It’s in part because of Wisconsin niceness that the Conservative movement is falling apart, as aw shucks Cheeseheads get eaten alive by the Democrats’ tough New York/Chicago ethnics over and over again.

The freakish thing about the head-in-the-sand nature of Wisconsin Republicans is that the Milwaukee area (where the state’s Right-wingers are concentrated) is ground zero for the Left’s program of White genocide. Blacks were relative latecomers to the Badger State, with more industrialized cities such as Chicago and Detroit luring them off during the Great Migration. The Black Undertow didn’t start arriving in Wisconsin until the middle of the 20th century, lured by the state’s overly generous welfare programs (and pushed out of Chicago by Italians, Poles and other white ethnics jockeying for turf).

As Blacks poured into Milwaukee with their begging bowls in hand, Whites poured out into the suburbs. To this day, the Milwaukee metro area is the most racially segregated and politically polarized in America. The city itself is a dysfunctional hellhole with Chicago levels of murder and crime, run by Democrats; the almost uniformly White suburbs vote Republican. Blacks in Wisconsin also score the worst in the country on every major metric. Yet the same Cheeseheads whose lives were upended by Leftist social engineering eagerly cucked for Ted Cruz in last April’s presidential primary, because Donald Trump’s brusque, honest style hurt their precious widdle feewings.

I got a faceful of Wisconsin Nice™ last Saturday, when I attended a course in Milwaukee put on by the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership. FACL’s focus is on training Conservative activists to be truly effective in politics, showing them how to twist the arms of city councils and state legislatures to accomplish Right-wing goals. I can’t complain about the class itself: what I learned was interesting and might actually help me if I decide to enter the political arena. However, the atmosphere at the course—combined with #BlackLivesMatter’s rioting across the country the same day—depressed me.

I arrived at the class at 8:30: it was being held in the conference center of the Milwaukee County Zoo. Entering the front door, I strode up to a desk manned by a tweedy Ned Flanders-type in a white golf shirt.

“Can I help you?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’m looking for the FACL class?”

“Right here. Last name?”

“Forney. F-O-R-N-E-Y.”

“Alright.” He flipped through a binder before landing on my name, then began scrawling it down on a sticker.

“Our stickers aren’t working right, so it might not… stick,” he nervously replied.

“Oh, it’s fine.”

“Alright, here you go,” he stated as he handed me my name tag. “God bless you!”

I probably should have taken his invocation of the Lord’s name as an indication as to how the event would unfold. I didn’t, because I’m slow.

I took a seat inside the conference room, the tables filling up with adenoidal fogies. At 9am on the dot, the Ned Flanders-type walked up front to give a speech. As soon as he mentioned that snacks and coffee were available, I made a beeline for the food table: I’d been up since 3:30 in the morning and my stomach was rumbling like my car’s vacuum cleaner hybrid engine. As I was pouring myself a glass of water, he said, “Now, let’s say a quick prayer.”


I dropped what I was doing and walk-dashed back to my seat so I could join in. I can’t imagine my secular cloddishness endeared me to my fellow students.

The actual FACL course itself was quite fascinating. Our instructor was Aaron Dorr, the founder of Iowa Gun Owners, which bills itself as “Iowa’s only no-compromise gun lobby.” I can’t write about the content of the class itself because FACL doesn’t want Leftists getting hold of its secrets (indeed, Dorr had us shut off our phones while he was lecturing), but suffice it to say that they have the goods when it comes to political operations. While some of the foundational material was a bit redundant for me—you think I don’t already know that politics isn’t about serving the common good?—given that the class seemed primarily targeted at evangelical Christians, it seemed appropriate.

And therein lied the problem: my fellow classmates seemed like they were five years behind the times. After we had lunch, Korr asked what our names were, where we were from and what our primary political issue was. I answered immigration, but I was the only one: the vast majority of the others said abortion (indeed, there was one guy wearing an “Abolish Human Abortion” T-shirt). A couple of others said they were concerned about gay marriage, and one said he was worried about taxes.

My cucky classmates were oblivious to the fact that the Left is demographically replacing them with non-Whites specifically to marginalize their views. This is why the immigration issue stands above all others: if Whites become a minority, Conservatism dies. This is why a reality TV star with a lion’s mane for a hairdo leapt in front of more than a dozen Wall Street-backed candidates to claim the GOP nomination: he was the only one with both a plan to fight illegal immigration and the force of will to implement said plan.

None of it registered to the Cheeseheads. I can guarantee you that the majority of them voted for Ted Cruz in the primary because they didn’t like the Donald’s “tone,” or something equally vapid. The fact that #BlackLivesMatter was having a collective temper tantrum—when I returned to Chicago that night, I saw the police deploying bomb-sniffing dogs on the Red Line—accentuated my disgust. How do you not get it at this point?

I ended the class with seven pages of typed notes and a morbid depression. While I would recommend FACL’s courses to anyone interested in achieving success in politics, the inability of Conservatives to recognize their true enemies is a handicap to their success. Regardless of how you feel about abortion, gay marriage and other issues, the reality is that maintaining America’s White majority is the only way to ensure that you’ll be able to fight to get your way on them.

As for the Badger State, visiting Wisconsin is like celebrating Christmas with your abusive parents: a pleasure best experienced only once a year.
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