The Anti-Trump Riot in Chicago and the Rising Tide of Leftist Violence

Donald Trump’s candidacy is the biggest threat that globalists and the Left have faced in decades, which is why they’re sowing anarchy across America trying to stop him. I attended Trump’s cancelled Chicago rally and saw the lengths the Left will go to to retain their power.

With the recent police shootings at #BlackLivesMatter protests in Dallas, St. Louis and other cities, the Left has officially declared war on White America. Decades of Left-wing social engineering, institutional subversion and brainwashing via the educational system—accelerated to lightspeed under Obama’s presidency—have given way to mass violence, as our Marxist overlords seek to put down those revolting peasants unhappy with their lot in life. Paradise is just around the corner… so long as those evil cishetwhitemales geld themselves and get in the corner where they belong.

This isn’t fearmongering: this is reality. A few weeks back, hackers revealed that #BlackLivesMatter was planning to shut down the nation this month as part of their “Summer of Chaos” operation. BLM head spokesfairy DeRay Mckesson is alleged to be working with Attorney General Loretta Lynch to disrupt both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions by busing in thousands of protesters to Cleveland and Philadelphia, respectively. Their goals: intimidate the GOP into taking their presidential nomination away from Donald Trump and get Obama to institute martial law, suspending the elections.

It’s tempting to dismiss this as a conspiracy theory; after all, the tinfoil hat crowd claimed that Bill Clinton and George W. Bush would also declare martial law at the end of their tenures. Thing is, no Republican presidential candidate in recent history has been subjected to the barrage of lies, intimidation and violence that Trump and his supporters have. No one ever falsely accused Dubya of rape, no one ever tried to assassinate John McCain at a rally, and no one ever pelted Mitt Romney’s supporters with eggs while chanting “MAKE AMERICA MEXICO AGAIN!”

Trump is under assault by the Left and their cuckservative pets because he’s the first candidate in decades who puts America’s interests first. His pledge to close off the spigot of illegal immigration from Mexico and halt the wholesale destruction of our manufacturing base by “free trade” agreements with third-world hellholes will halt—and possibly reverse—the globalists’ dismantling of America and other Western nations. As Gregory Hood put it, Trump is the only candidate who regards the U.S. as an actual country with its own interests, as opposed to a playground for Marxist social experiments and Wall Street financial games.

It’s no wonder that the Left is resorting to dirty tricks and outright violence to fight the rising nationalist tide. We saw it in Britain during the Brexit referendum, when the murder of a Labour MP by a mental invalid was blamed on the Leave campaign, and we’re seeing it stateside with instigators funded by the Mexican government and George Soros starting riots at Trump rallies and blaming his supporters. The Democrats even have an extensive disruption op planned for the RNC, because the Left never lets the law get in the way of their goals. (Incidentally, I’m raising money so I can cover the RNC and DNC for Right On; click here to learn more.)

I know this, because I witnessed how it all began. Along with Right On Co-Editor Ann Sterzinger, I attended Donald Trump’s now-infamous rally in Chicago back in March, the one that was cancelled after hundreds of Leftist instigators infiltrated the venue and started a riot. I saw with my own eyes that the Left would stop at nothing to achieve their agenda, and that if we don’t resist them, it will be the end of America and the West.

The rally took place at the Pavilion at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I arrived a couple hours before the doors opened, as is customary when I attend presidential campaign events. I was with a friend of mine and her husband; Ann was busy that day but said she would catch up with us later. The crowd was pretty standard for a Trump event: a mishmash of young and old Whites wearing red hats and “Hillary for Prison” T-shirts, and I was recognized by several of my fans while waiting in line. There were a few protesters on the other side of the street, but nothing major: the Trump fans would occasionally heckle them with chants of “BUILD THE WALL!” and “GET A JOB!”

The line began moving at 3pm on the dot, and to my surprise, we got in almost immediately, courtesy of the Pavilion having more than one metal detector. However, while Trump’s website had said that we had to show our tickets at the door, no one bothered checking mine or my friend’s, a departure from how things had gone at his Iowa rallies. Something was wrong.

Inside, we took our seats and waited patiently for the show to begin. The Pavilion has a seating capacity of several thousand, not including the open space on the floor where Trump’s podium and the press pit were located. As my friend and I chatted, I noticed a constant churn of protesters getting hauled off by police—including one hippie behind us clad in military camo and flipping everyone off—as the Trump supporters jeered. Not only that, the police presence was unusually small: I counted maybe eight cops among a crowd that would eventually swell to over ten thousand.

Six o’clock came and went with Trump nowhere to be seen, which was normal: he had been holding a rally in St. Louis a few hours before. However, I noticed that there were protesters dotted throughout the arena holding banners, in clear violation of the rules banning people from bringing outside signs into the rally. If the security people couldn’t be bothered to keep obvious Leftist infiltrators from bringing in cloth signs reading “DUMP TRUMP” and “MAKE AMERICA HATE AGAIN,” it was a poor omen for how the event would unfold.

At the same time, I was texting Ann, who was on her way: I had no 4G data service due to all the television cameras overloading the cell phone towers. She grumbled that the line to get in wound around the Pavilion and stretched for several blocks. Around 45 minutes in, a balding man in a suit walked on stage to give the fateful announcement:

Mr. Trump has just arrived in Chicago, and after meeting with law enforcement, has determined that for the safety of all the tens of thousands of people that have gathered in and around the arena, tonight’s rally will be postponed—

At that point, his voice was drowned out by a dueling cacophony from the crowd: boos from the Trump supporters, cheers from the Leftists. It was then that I realized what was happening. The most amount of instigators I’d ever seen at a Trump event was his rally in Iowa City: two dozen crunchy granola-types (and a literal bearded lady), one of whom threw a tomato at the Donald.

The Chicago rally had hundreds of instigators.

The Leftists were scattered throughout the arena like lice on a dog’s back, sneering at Trump fans and waving professionally printed signs. They hadn’t even bothered to disguise themselves: they were predominantly Black or Latino and dressed like bums. After Trump’s spokesman left the stage, they began chanting “BERNIE! BERNIE!” and brandishing “Bernie 2016” signs, reveling in their win. Minor scuffles broke out on the floor, with a Black man (later identified as “anti-violence activist” and City Council candidate Jedidiah Brown) trying to rush the stage and sucker-punching a White Trump supporter as police dragged him out.

My friend and her husband chose to skedaddle at this time, worried for their safety; I stayed behind to film and take pictures. My friend Dr. Caveman was stuck in a throng of Sanders supporters and made a video compilation of them rioting, and you can view it below:

In particular, the Leftists were concentrated in front of the stage. Had Trump gone through with his speech, they would have rushed him, either killing him or forcing his Secret Service guards to open fire. It was later revealed that the Mexican Mafia (one of the largest Latino gangs in the U.S.) had also snuck an assassin into the arena.

15 minutes later, a voice boomed over the intercom: “The event is over. Please exit the building.” Dejected, we filed out of the Pavilion as dozens of police officers flooded in to escort us out.

The scene outside was straight out of Idiocracy, if Idiocracy had been filmed by Gore Verbinski. The anemic crowd of protesters earlier in the day had given way to a throng of thousands: Blacks, Browns and token hipster Whites waving signs and screaming “WE STUMPED TRUMP!” Mexican flags were everywhere, as were banners from every socialist/Leftist agitator group in town. You can view video footage from Ann and me below:

As I walked away from the crowd, the triumphant rioters heckled us with cries of “RACIST!” and laughed at us. Ann and I linked up outside a nearby Blue Line station a few minutes later; we later recorded a video about our experience at the rally.

We’d just witnessed the final nail in the coffin of freedom in America. A gang of violent Leftists, led by the Soros-funded astroturf group, had succeeded in shutting down our lawful free speech. It would later come out that the Democrat-controlled city government had played a role in the riot: Mayor Rahm Emanuel had deployed too few cops at the rally and also forbade them from wearing helmets.

As we were heading out, the Leftist media tried to pin the blame for the riot on Trump and his supporters, but eyewitness reports on Twitter and elsewhere told the real story. Virtually all the violence was from Leftists, with #BlackLivesMatter rioters attacking police with bottles and sexually assaulting White female Trump supporters, calling them “racist White bitches.” One group of rioters even cornered a number of Trump supporters inside a parking garage, barring them from leaving under threat of attack.

The silver lining is that the rally’s cancellation boosted Trump’s support, as Whites saw the anarchy unleashed by the Left and flocked to his side. The Donald won four of the five states that voted the following Tuesday, including Illinois: he also won Cook County and Chicago by a landslide margin. The riot was also the beginning of the end for Ted Cruz, who offended his Constitution-loving conservative base by siding with #BlackLivesMatter over Trump.

While Trump’s Chicago rally is the only one he’s had to cancel under threat of civil unrest, the Leftist violence at his events has only gotten worse. In Albuquerque, they were smashing down the doors; in Orange County, they were roughing up anyone wearing a “Make America Great Again” T-shirt; in San Jose, they were attacking pregnant White women and actively hunting people down (with the tacit approval of the Democratic mayor and Mexican police chief). And now, we have #BlackLivesMatter assassins gunning down cops and the media cheering them on.

Donald Trump is far from perfect, but helping elect him president is important not just because of what he advocates, but what he represents. Trump is a symbol. As a unabashedly masculine, successful businessman who raised equally successful children, Trump embodies many of the qualities that made America great. Not only does his nationalist platform run counter to the Left’s global program of multiculturalism, degeneracy and economic exploitation, Trump possesses the charisma and force of will to accomplish his goals, a far cry from the cuckservatives in Congress who get rolled by the Left over and over.

The Left are right to see Trump as an existential threat, and anyone who doesn’t see the significance of his campaign is a fool. Leftists are only going to get more violent and unhinged as we get closer to Election Day, and we need to fight back any way we can. Cuckservatives who want to sit out this election in hopes of dethroning Hillary in 2020 are delusional: four years of the Lizard Queen grabbing guns and opening the floodgates to Mexican illegals and White America will cease to exist.

The time to push back is now. Trump is no savior, and it’s doubtful that he’ll be able to make America great again, but the alternative is certain doom. Either climb aboard the Trump Train or get flattened on the tracks.
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