Revealed: Black Lives Matter is a KKK Plot

The Ku Klux Klan created Black Lives Matter, and it’s succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Imperial Wizard Clayton Bigsby explains why and how.

The following is a transcript of a private conversation covertly recorded between Imperial Wizard Clayton Bigsby of the Imperial Klans of America and Kent Wallace, host of Frontline.

Kent Wallace: What was it you wanted to talk to me about today, Bisgby? You seemed awful proud of yourself when you talked to me on the phone earlier this afternoon.

Clayton Bigsby: You’re damn right I am.

Kent Wallace: So, what’s happening? Tell me.

Clayton Bigsby: I started the group known as Black Lives Matter. And it’s succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. I can’t believe it actually worked. But it actually worked. And I think it’s time you know how it happened.

Kent Wallace: I—wait. You—what? Are you telling me you were opposed to the interests of the KKK all along? You were really just a KKK infiltrator?

Clayton Bigsby: Are you kidding me? Hell no. You really still think the interests of BLM and the interests of the KKK are at odds with one another?

Kent Wallace: Of course they are. I mean, Black Lives Matter is about ending racist police brutality, and the KKK is—

Clayton Bigsby: Stop. Stop right there. That’s exactly how this whole thing started.

You see, that’s exactly the point we’ve all been sucked in by, Kent. We’ve all been duped by this message that the police are tools for enforcing some “racist capitalist patriarchy.” And it couldn’t be more untrue. I’d be all on board with the police if it were true, but it isn’t. And it never was. Your liberal activist friends in the media have all been sucked in by it, but so has half of the White supremacist community. Police are the enemy of Whites. Blacks are the ones who have the “privilege” here.

Kent Wallace: Okay. And exactly what brings you to that ridiculous conclusion?

Clayton Bigsby: The numbers, Kent.

Have you ever noticed how lame the media conversations about this are? Liberals and conservatives both want to know who it is that’s getting shot more often by police. When liberals try to figure it out, they just stop at noticing Blacks are 13 percent of the population, but over 13 per cent of those who are shot. It’s obtuse. And conservatives just stop at noticing that more Whites are shot in raw numbers, as if everyone is too dumb to notice there are 5 times more White people in the population in the first place.

Kent Wallace: Of course. And then the liberals win that debate with no contest. But what makes you think—

Clayton Bigsby: What do you think is the important variable here? It’s not the raw numbers. But it’s not the number of Black people in the population, either (doing what, sitting privately inside their own homes?) It’s how many times a cop runs into a White man, and how many times he runs into a Black man on the street. And that’s not based on the simple population rate. It’s based on the crime rate. Cops go where the crimes are. And Blacks commit more crimes—we all know this, and every shred of evidence bears it out.

Kent Wallace: Fine. I can admit that too, liberal or not. But here’s what I think really happens: Blacks commit a few more crimes, sure. But then the cops start getting twitchy around every single Black person they run into, and racist bias is still the biggest reason more Blacks end up shot in the end. Whether Black crime is the reason they developed those racist biases or not just doesn’t matter.

Clayton Bigsby: Sorry, Kent. The numbers just don’t back you up. This is exactly what I figured out years ago, before I started hatching the plot to create Black Lives Matter. All you have to do is take the crime rate per 100,000 among Whites and Blacks, and compare it to the rate of police shootings per 100,000 among Whites and Blacks. It turns out what the numbers show is that us Whites only have to commit about half as many crimes before one of us ends up getting shot, while Blacks commit almost twice as many crimes as us—and therefore bump into cops about twice as often—before one gets shot. More than 13 percent of the people getting shot are Black, but that’s because more than 13 percent of the people committing the crimes are Black. And what the record shows quite simply is that no matter what you say, there is nothing left for racist bias to account for after you control for that. Because the bias that’s left is against White people, goddamnit.1

Kent Wallace: What makes you think you know the answer to either of those questions in the first place? If the cops are racist against Blacks, and the crime rate is based on how many people get arrested, then what you call the “crime rate” might just be a record of how racist against Blacks the cops are to start with. And if they hide the number of Blacks they kill for the same reason, that won’t show up in your numbers, either.

Clayton Bigsby: Yeah. Again, sorry, Kent. It isn’t as easy as that and we’re not half as stupid as you think. We get the crime rate by looking at what victims and witnesses say, not cops. It even turns out that cops arrest fewer Blacks than victims and witnesses tell us commit crimes, so if anything they’re lazier about chasing down Black criminals.1 And if you’re worried about figuring out how many Black people cops really kill, I’ll even throw out all the government data and let your liberal friends do the dirty work of documenting it for us. The numbers still come out exactly the same—they prove that who the cops are really biased against is whitey.2

Kent Wallace: Okay, whatever. I don’t have my computer on me, so I can’t argue or verify any of this stuff one way or another. I guess I’ll have to leave that topic for another time. How the hell is any of this supposed to relate to this other thing you’re telling me, where you’re claiming you created the Black Lives Matter movement?

Clayton Bigsby: Think about it, Kent. Has it really never occurred to you? Did it never seem just a little bit too convenient? We’re White supremacists, for fuck’s sake. It would be great in our mind if the cops were going into these areas to help racially purify them, but that’s not what’s happening. It’s not what’s going on.

They’re really just helping stop the violent crime, and they aren’t helping kill off the Blacks living there any faster at all. You know what they’re doing? They’re helping stop violent Black thugs from killing off other Black people.

Now, why the hell do you think I would want that to happen? Scratch that question. Why the hell do you think I would want White people to be made to foot the bill for it? If Blacks are killing off other Blacks, that’s everything I hope and dream for. Why the hell do you think I’d want to put White lives at risk to try to stop it?!

Go back to the ’60s and ’70s. Back when Blacks were first getting a hold of crack. You know what happened back then? They called us Whites racist because we didn’t want to pay to put police out to protect them.3 And you know what? They had it right.

And if they’d kept down that track, we’d have a fight on our hands right now, because they’d be demanding we put police in, and we’d be stuck having to say, “No, we don’t want to” outright. So here’s the genius of my idea.

They used to think we were racist because we didn’t want to pay taxes and put White lives at risk by putting police in those Black cities. And that’s how they successfully got us to bring more cops in, and even how they got us to criminalize drugs.3 So what I figured now was, if that was racist because it meant more Black people were dying at Black hands…if I could tell them the cops are racist and are just there to kill them when it isn’t true, I could get them to demand we get the cops back out. I could get them to do our dirty work for us. And we could go back to the times when Blacks were free to kill each other off and nobody gave a damn. So we tested the strategy out with stop and frisk in New York before we moved on to experiment with taking it national.

What do you think of stop and frisk, Kent?

Kent Wallace: Well, it’s racist. That’s why it ended—they proved that in court, they…

Clayton Bigsby: Right. Okay, sure. Now, let’s do a little experiment.

There’s a borough in New York called Brownsville4 that’s 76.7 percent Black and only 2.6 percent White. There’s another borough called Kensington5 that’s 82.3 percent Black and only 11.5 percent White. But factor this in: out of all 69 boroughs in New York, Brownsville has the worst murder rates out of any of them, and Kensington has the best.6

Where do you think the stopping and frisking happens?

Kent Wallace: I don’t know, I mean, it could go either way…

Clayton Bigsby: It happens in Brownsville.

It doesn’t matter that Brownsville has less Black people. It matters that it has more murder.

Kensington? More Black people, but less murder.

And do you know what the percentage of people who live in Kensington who get stopped and frisked is?

Two percent, Kent. Two percent.7

So again, the idea that this was some racist plot is something you can refute in five minutes if you’re paying even the slightest bit of attention. Lucky for us, most people don’t. We figured out a long time ago that everyone’s reasoning shuts off the second you yell the word “racist!” And you think we’ve just been sitting around in hoods burning crosses and hunting raccoons at night? No, we’ve been strategizing. We’ve been figuring out how to use that fact to our advantage. And hell, did we ever do it.

Heather MacDonald, she wrote a piece in the Wall Street Journal called “How to Increase the Crime Rate Nationwide.”8 Well, instead of taking that as a warning, we used it as an instruction manual. She said, “The biggest beneficiaries of a dramatically safer New York have been law-abiding residents of formerly crime-plagued areas. Minorities make up nearly 80 percent of the drop in homicide victims since the early 1990s.”

And it’s just hilarious watching liberals call Heather MacDonald and all the other mainstream conservatives “racist” for being happy about that. Well, we weren’t, and all we had to do was yell “racist!” to get the Left and the Blacks to stop being happy about it, too. We didn’t even have to ask them to end stop and frisk. We got them to demand it for us. And we got them to do it while convincing them to call the people who do care about them “racist!” Can you believe it?!

After it worked, that’s when we knew we could take this strategy national—right into the big leagues. We could set up conditions where there’s just no way for a cop to be in a Black city at all. And by doing that, we could make sure they’d eventually give up on risking their lives to try to reduce crime for people who are just slandering them and spitting on them for it anyway. We knew we couldn’t get the cops on our side—again, these are the same cops who shoot us almost twice as fast as they’ll shoot a Black person in the first place.1 But we could force them to realize that doing what we want them to do is in their best interests, by manipulating the Blacks and the Left.

Kent Wallace: Okay, but Black Lives Matter is going to outlive your mission. You’re going to wish you hadn’t done it, because it’s going to help Black people too, in the end. It’s going to bring their community together and it’s going to bring attention to—

Clayton Bigsby: No, it isn’t. It’s already dying as it completes our mission even as we speak right here at this very moment.  You know what its biggest accomplishment is so far? It’s exactly what I just said. It’s getting the cops out of Black cities. Whitey doesn’t have to keep spending his paycheck to put White lives at risk to try to stop Black thugs from doing the glorious work of killing off Black people anymore. We’re already seeing the cops moving out.9, 10 And as a result, we’re already seeing more Black people ending up dead. Thank God! The biggest accomplishment of Black Lives Matter thus far is helping pile up more dead Black bodies. We couldn’t have hoped for better. And none of it could have happened if the liberals hadn’t been so gloriously, mind-numbingly predictable in going along with it.

First of all, we had to go along with letting them keep thinking cops are enforcing White supremacy when they shoot suspects. They aren’t on our side. They do, as a matter of fact, pull the trigger on whitey faster; even the studies they do in their labs are proving it now.11 But if we wanted them to turn against the cops, we couldn’t let them figure that out, because otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to fuck over the cops with this whole plot by making Blacks and liberals associate the cops with us in their heads.

So now the next order of business is to keep working on convincing them that the whole idea of prison is racist. Why on earth would I want White men spending their tax dollars to house, clothe, and feed these Black criminals when their only sin is, like I said before, doing the glorious work of killing off other Blacks for us? I’d rather give them rewards! Hand out cash to Blacks who kill other Blacks! We already proved we could do it with police. Now we just have to get them to demand we put those inmates back out on the street—then we can let Nature finish sorting itself out.

It’ll be easy as sin. Hell, at this point, our lockdown on this thing is so strong I bet you could record this entire conversation and give it to all the liberals and make “#KKK=BLM” trend on Twitter, and they would all come and listen to the entire confession I just gave about how and why I did all this, and it wouldn’t even change their damn minds. They’d think it was just some cute little speech, or they’d get paranoid and think somebody just made the whole thing up and call them “racist.” Creating Black Lives Matter is the single most incredible move we’ve managed to pull off in the last thirty years.

To the leaders left wondering, “Imperial Wizard Clayton Bigsby” and “Kent Wallace” are the names of characters in a skit on the Dave Chappelle Show in which Dave Chappelle humorously plays the character a Klansman who doesn’t realize that he’s black, because he is blind.12 However, it nonetheless rings true that this conversation could have happened, because the facts that our fictional Clayton Bigsby refers to in his discussion are all absolutely correct.


Since whites actually do have to commit just over half as many crimes before any one white person is shot as blacks have to commit before any one black person is shot, it is true that there is just simply nothing left over in the national statistics on police shootings for widespread racism to account for after the crime rate is controlled for. Black suspects are shot out of proportion to the black percentage of the population, but contrary to the narrative behind Black Lives Matter, this is not because police are more likely to shoot any given black person they encounter.

In fact, this is almost solely because they encounter black suspects more frequently because black suspects commit substantially more crimes. To quantify this even more specifically, the likelihood that any given black person who encounters police will be shot as a result of that encounter is about 0.068%, whereas the likelihood that any given white person who encounters police will be shot as a result of the encounter is about 0.122%. White people are less likely to be shot, but only because white people are less likely to commit crimes; however, being white is in fact a disadvantage when all else is kept equal—again nearly doubling one’s chance of being shot in an encounter with police. 1, 2

This makes it utterly absurd to suggest that the interests of police are aligned with the interests of the kinds of out–and–out racists who would be happy if police were simply shooting black citizens more frequently for no reason. As Bigsby states in our fictional dialogue, “it’s just hilarious watching liberals call Heather MacDonald and all the other mainstream conservatives racist” for supporting policies like stop and frisk policies because they “disproportionately” targeted minority suspects. Bigsby, an actual “racist”, finds the accusation hilarious because that policy only “disproportionately” targeted minority suspects because they were disproportionately committing crimes—and not only that, but disproportionately killing minority victims, which means that the “racism” of stop and frisk simply helped keep more black people protected from violent criminals in their own communities. In contrast, the primary result of the reduced use of stop and frisk policies has been an increase in gun crime in many black communities.14 And someone who is as “racist” as the left–wing critics of policies like stop and frisk think those policies’ proponents are would be elated by that, just like Bigsby is here. Why in God’s name would any true “racist” want “Whitey [to spend] his paycheck to put White lives at risk to try to stop Black thugs from doing the glorious work of killing off Black people”?

And once again, it is true that that has in fact been the primary consequence of the “successes” made so far by the Black Lives Matter movement: more dead black people. 9, 10

But what does it matter? Bigsby is also correct when he points out that while policies like the war on drugs are decried as “racist” today, it was the fact that white society wasn’t concerned enough about the epidemic of drugs to send police to clean up black neighborhoods that brought accusations of racism against white society during the 60’s and 70’s—which is the only reason the policies now called racist once again ever even came to be. For example, a grieving mother was quoted in Ebony magazine in 1970 as saying, “You know the best way to deal with the dope problem? Get as many white kids on it as possible! The best news I’ve heard in a long time is that more white kids are getting hooked on heroin. If I had the money I’d buy it and give it to them free!” 13

So it seems like we’re damned if we police black communities, and damned if we don’t. In one generation, whites were resented by blacks because whites weren’t concerned enough to help get rid of the drugs that were perceived as ruining black communities, and it was the byproduct of that era and the direct activism of black victims that the war on drugs came to existence in its modern form. Yet, today those very policies are now the cause of resentment towards whites amongst blacks and “progressives” once again because they “target” black communities “disproportionately”, even though this was exactly the Congressional Black Congress’ hope when it was the source of the recommendation that penalties be increased for crack over powder cocaine. 3

In a Bizarro World like this one where the Joker is the only sane man left on Earth and Superman is the world’s arch–villain, what are we supposed to say to defend ourselves?

I would suggest the only thing left one could possibly do against such profound irrationality in an encounter with a Black Lives Matter activist is to share with them the thoughts of Clayton Bigsby, and then walk away: “You know what? You’re absolutely right, I’m every bit as racist as you say I am. And that’s exactly why I support every word you’ve just said! I couldn’t thank God more for the Black Lives Matter movement. More black people are dying now than before, and I don’t have to pay to stop it from happening. You say I’m a bigot, right? Well, what’s an unrepentant bigot not to love?!”


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