Who is Pope Francis Really?

Pope Francis’ rhetoric of shame is directed exclusively, and in a suicidal manner, against the European civilisation and ethnicity, and threatens to cause a schism in Catholicism.

In the name of Christian charity, Pope Francis has gotten the world used to approving and encouraging the idea of a home for all ‘migrants’, including Muslims, the colonisers of Europe. None of his predecessors had dared to risk such an exercise. On the island of Lampedusa, he engaged in ridiculous demonstrations of empathy towards illegals, blaming the unjustly accused Europeans of selfishness. But then, he went even further with his symbolic actions and political provocations.

The Pope Prefers Muslims to Persecuted Middle Eastern Christians

He began in Rome, taking himself for Christ incarnate, washing the feet of Arab and African illegal migrants in front of the television cameras. These images went around the world and the message was clear: come, you are our masters and we are at your feet. Then, he notoriously neglected to defend those Middle Eastern Christians who are being persecuted by Islam in favour of housing Muslim illegal immigrants.

Returning from the island of Lesbos, Greece on 17 April, where illegals had arrived from Turkey, he returned to Rome with three Muslim Syrian families. All the women were veiled on the papal plane. He preferred them to Christian families, even though the latter are fleeing Islamic persecution. Whatever, it doesn’t matter.

The Pope went on to justify this in perfect, Jesuitical bad faith: ‘I did not choose between Muslims and Christians. These three families had their documents in order. On the first list, there were two Christian families, but they lacked papers. It is not a privilege’. There is something cynically icy in this ridiculous quibble about ‘papers being in order’. And the Pope added, speaking of the twelve Muslims he had brought to Rome in his plane: ‘These twelve are all children of God, and I prefer the children of God’. Lie: he has not privileged the ‘children of God’, but rather Muslims as opposed to the persecuted Syrian Christians.

The Pope, meddling in things that do not concern him, pressured Matteo Renzi, the Italian Prime Minister, to refuse to close centres for failed asylum seekers, these bogus refugees.1 They will be free to remain and spread throughout the Continent. In Europe, the Pope’s pronouncements are likely to earn him the enmity of many Catholics. This is not good for a Church which is already in bad shape.

Europeans’ Guilt and Shame

This Pope, a South American Jesuit, actually defends an anti-European, anti-Roman ideology of fracture. Shaming and blaming Catholics and their opinions regarding the European ‘migrants’ is its main goal. He said, ‘We are all migrants’, which is just the kind of catch-all that’s typical of Leftist journalistic jargon. Coincidentally, the one who praises the Pope the most for his positions is…Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

His signals have heavy international consequences: an open door for the Muslim invasion is being recommended by the Pope himself; it’s a real ‘miracle of God’! For the Pope, Europe is a ‘homeland for human rights’ and not the home of a people and a civilisation. He argues for a Europe of open immigration. Moreover, in his ecclesiastical career in Latin America, he was already calling for open immigration in North America. He does not like the idea of an ethnically European country.

Already, after some illegal immigrants were shipwrecked off the coast of Sicily, and just after hosting some ‘refugees’ from African Lampedusa, he said, ‘I cannot recall so many victims as there were in this umpteenth shipwreck. The word that comes to mind is shame. […] Ask for forgiveness for so much indifference. There is anesthesia in the heart of the West’. This is mind-boggling. These papal pronouncements are not only unjust, but perverse and misleading: who rescues waves of these refugees and helps them? Europeans. Who are the greedy smugglers who throw them onto makeshift boats? Their fellow Africans and Arabs. The Pope’s words are shameful.

What is the Pope’s Ideology?

Pope Francis joins the ‘without borders’ cosmopolitan ideology present among the South American clergy, who since he 1960s have been influenced by Trotskyism. It is the doctrine of ‘liberation theology’. He later stated, and agreed with, this stupid formula: ‘Barriers create divisions, and sooner or later, conflicts’. Reality is exactly the opposite: it is mixtures of populations that generate conflict. Sealed borders and ethnic homogeneity guarantee peace. Similarly, in economics, Pope Francis has developed stale Marxist ideas which first appeared in the Catholic circles of the extreme Left of the ’60s. ‘Catholeftism’ is still very active in politics, trade unions, the media and also among the clergy. Today’s ‘catholeftism’ is also Islamophilic. For the first time, a Pope belongs to this thought current… It’s all there, everything fits.

For example, good Jesuit Pope Francis manoeuvers to make overtures to the traditionalists while accepting communion for the divorced and remarried. This wide of a gap doesn’t bother this schemer, even while he is risking a very serious schismatic crisis within the Church.

With an eager media behind him and a cynicism close to that of the Florentine Popes of the sixteenth century, this great communicator poses as a saint and seduces the naive. In taking his name from Saint Francis of Assisi, he adopts a phony, simulated poverty by refusing to live in the papal apartments. This facade of humility sounds bad coming from such a preachy and overbearing moral professor. Also, note his excessively infantile and provocative side, which can be seen in many of his statements and actions. This is a fanatical temptation. First it surprised, then excited journalists. But after a while, we finally came to realise that his speeches are poor and repetitive.

Theologically, Pope Francis belongs to the ‘politicised’ Jesuit school and desecrates the Catholic religion. Catholic universalism, which is only valid on the spiritual level (all humans are the sons of the same God, and eligible for the same sacraments), is transformed into a cosmopolitan material policy including the abolition of borders, open migration, and the mixing of peoples. This cosmopolitanism is biased. It is directed exclusively, in a suicidal manner, against the European civilisation and ethnicity. This all poses a very serious problem and can cause a schism in Catholicism.


  1. Between January and March 2016, 20,000 illegal immigrants have landed in southern Italy. They are Nigerians, Gambians, and Senegalese; none are refugees from the Middle East.

This article was posted in French on 22 April 2016 on Guillaume Faye’s blog, J’ai tout compris. It was translated by Hannibal Bateman, the managing editor of Radix.

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Guillaume Faye was born in 1949 and received a Ph.D. in Political Science from the Institut d'etudes politiques de Paris. He was one of the principal organisers of the French New Right organisation GRECE (Groupement de recherche et d'etudes pour la civilisation europeenne) during the 1970s and '80s, and at the same time cultivated his career as a journalist, particularly in the news magazines Figaro and Paris-Match. In 1986 he left GRECE after he came to disagree with the direction of the group. For more than a decade, he worked as a broadcaster for the French radio station Skyrock, and on the program Telematin which aired on France 2 TV. He returned to the field of political philosophy in 1998 when a number of his new essays were collected and published in the volume Archeofuturism. Since then he has produced a series of books which have challenged and reinvigorated readers throughout the world.


  • The schism in the Roman Catholic Church has already occurred. People who believe the faith and morals of the Church as taught up until Vatican II are with the traditional societies and sodalities.

    Archbishop Lefebvre stated in the 1980s – Rome has left the Church. And further to that he stated the Sunday obligation could not be fulfilled in the novus ordo. Shortly after the VII Council, Bishop Fulton Sheen put out the APB on his television programme nationwide instructing Catholics to remove their children from the parochial schools because they would be learning another religion. This was in the late 1960s.

    Francis is the last in a line of Conciliar anti-popes. He is best buds with the synagogue and has fully integrated rabbinical teachings into his anti-papacy

  • I suppose this pope was the logical conclusion of Vatican II.

    I believe him to be an atheist, communist and most likely gay.

    He will choose a muslim or homosexual over a traditional European Catholic every time.

    He has no real ties or sympathies for Europe or America, he cannot be trusted, nor can the faggot Cardinals who selected him.

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