#19 – Between Ice and Fire

The topic of today’s program is the legendary Webradio network Red Ice Creations, and joining us we have its founder and host, Henrik Palmgren, who is originally from Sweden but is currently living in the US.

We discuss what originally led Henrik to create Red Ice, its evolution from covering primarily “New Age” to more Right-wing topics, and his view of the American presidential race.

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Guillaume Faye and the Future of Europe

This is an effort to get Guillaume Faye’s three latest titles translated and published as soon as possible.

Since its inception, Arktos has acquired the English-language rights to all of Guillaume Faye’s works that were written over the past 20 years. So far we’ve published four of them, and we have a fifth – The Colonisation of Europe – on its way later this month. Recently, we also purchased the rights to his most recent titles. We are now launching a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to get these translated and published within 2016.

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