Bernie Sanders and the Collapse of the Leftist Coalition

Sanders looks and acts like a man who routinely loses arguments with his wife; his son has such little respect for him that he doesn’t even call him “Dad.” His supporters are more interested in inciting anti-Trump riots – and blaming him for the resulting anarchy – than actually working to help their boy win.

For the past decade, the Left has triumphed in America by forging an anti-White alliance consisting of masochistic White progressives and self-interested minorities. But the war between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton is threatening to tear the Left apart.

I come not to praise Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, but to bury it, because it’s decomposing fast and stinking up the room. A self-identified democratic socialist who wants to implement a Swedish-style welfare state, his candidacy was meant to be a watershed in American politics. Sanders gave hope to the noodle-necked pansies of the Left that Americans could give up their guns, their God-mongering, and their tax dollars to join “the rest of the world” in freebie-addled bliss.

Unfortunately, Democratic voters aren’t feeling the Bern, because Sanders has consistently lagged behind Hillary Clinton ever since the race started. While he’s won enough contests to remain competitive, he keeps running up against the 50-foot wall that is the party’s Black base. Black Democratic voters support Clinton in landslide numbers, enabling her to pull off huge wins in the South (where the Democratic Party is almost monolithically Black) and giving her an edge in states like Ohio and Illinois.

Ever since the sixties, the Left has supported demographic warfare against Whites (misleadingly called “comprehensive immigration reform”) in order to secure themselves a permanent electoral majority. The logic was the same as the Manson Family’s: White Leftists assumed that Blacks and Latinos would shut up and do as they were told. But thanks to eight years of Obama’s race-baiting, working-class Whites have been chased away from the Democrats, and now the Blacks and Browns no longer want to obey their progressive White massas.

Bernie Sanders’ campaign has been a nonstarter among Blacks for various reasons. On average, Blacks are less civically engaged than Whites and tend to support candidates who are already well-known. The Clintons have also always been popular among Blacks, excluding Hillary’s 2008 presidential run, when they abandoned her to vote for her Black opponent. Additionally, Sanders’ Jewish heritage is a massive liability: the average Black’s anti-Semitism makes the alt-Right look like a Taglit-Birthright trip.

But never underestimate humanity’s capacity for self-delusion. I attended Bernie Sanders’ “A Future to Believe In” town hall meeting in Kenosha, Wisconsin this week, and going by the excitement in the crowd, you wouldn’t even know that Sanders is fighting a losing battle. While Sanders remains popular among White Leftists, his inability to broaden his appeal will ensure he goes down to defeat in July.

I arrived at Carthage College (where the event was taking place) at 8:30 AM, a half-hour after the doors opened, and the joint was absolutely packed. While I try to get to these events as fast as possible, the earliest train to Kenosha from Chicago didn’t arrive until 8:15, by which point there was a line going out the door and coiled multiple times through a nearby football field. I estimate about 2,000 to 3,000 people showed up.

The crowd, while still overwhelmingly White, was more diverse than the Sanders rally I attended in Iowa in January. I was stuck in line behind a Rachel Maddow lookalike and a trio of White guys, one of whom was amazed at how I could deal with the cold when I had no hair. Despite the windy weather and grey skies, the mood in the line was ebullient.

While the line moved fairly briskly, when I got with sight of the doors, a campaign volunteer told us we wouldn’t be allowed in because the venue was at capacity. Fortunately, Bernie himself stopped by to give us a condensed version of his stump speech before he went inside:

To me, though, the real story was the two hood-looking Black guys selling “I Shot Trump” T-shirts. No, I’m not making this up:


One of the guys in front of me bought a shirt for $20, swearing up and down that he wasn’t actually going to wear it, but was simply amazed that this is where political discourse is going in America. I’m sure that if someone were to sell “I Shot Hillary” or “I Shot Bernie” T-shirts at a Trump rally, the Left wouldn’t ever shut up about it and the seller would get a visit from the Secret Service. In contrast, the Bernouts and the media flacks completely ignored two guys selling T-shirts celebrating the assassination of a rival presidential candidate.

After the crowd dispersed, I went into the student union to watch the rally on TV. There’s very little to say about Sanders’ speech itself: it was his usual rigamarole about free college, free healthcare, abortion rights, and the like. However, midway through, Sanders was disrupted by some hecklers in the crowd. I’m not sure whether they were Trump supporters or animal rights’ nutters; the cameras didn’t pan to show them and I’ve heard rumors going both ways.

Bernie Sanders may be the most spineless presidential candidate in history. When the protesters started yelling at him, he stopped, looked around nervously, then sheepishly asked his Secret Service detail, “Er, you want to do something about those guys?” No wonder #BlackLivesMatter was able to steal his microphone! Contrast this with Trump turning to fight a maniac who tried to rush the stage and attack him. Sanders gets a couple of hecklers and he dumps a loaf in his Depends.

It’s this lack of backbone – combined with his inability to secure the Black vote – that will doom Sanders’ campaign. While Hillary Clinton has more or less conceded Wisconsin – the state’s agrarian-populist culture is fertile ground for Sanders’ socialist uprising – most of the remaining states are firmly in her camp. If the Jonestown-esque despondency of Bernie’s fan club is any indication, half the Democratic base will have offed itself by election day.

While I can understand Bernie Sanders’ appeal, the last thing this country needs is an ineffectual Bolshevik at the helm. Sanders looks and acts like a man who routinely loses arguments with his wife; his son has such little respect for him that he doesn’t even call him “Dad.” His supporters are more interested in inciting anti-Trump riots – and blaming him for the resulting anarchy – then actually working to help their boy win.

It looks like the revolution is crashing and Berning.
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