Funding the Enemy: War and Welfare

The welfare state is a gravy train for ISIS.

If the welfare state doesn’t end in Europe, the welfare state will end Europe. And future historians will look back on the way the West ended and think we were all out of our goddamn minds.

As the dust is still clearing in Brussels and Pakistan (killing kids on Easter… stay classy, ISIS) and wherever else the nut jobs hit before this goes to press—as the Left signals their concern that all these dead bodies and raped orificia might feed an irrational fear of suicide bombers and rapists—the press is busy lecturing European security agencies about their incompetence. They could have stopped all these attacks somehow, if only they knew how to do their jobs!

You know what? I feel sorry for the security agencies, bumbling though they may allegedly be. From where I’m sitting, their job looks freakin’ impossible. According to Pew, over a third of French Muslims think suicide bombing is at least on occasion acceptable (and among the 18-30 crowd, it’s an eye-watering 42 percent).

How would you like it to be your job to root out terrorists when a third of the base population—of whose diversity and feelings you must always be respectful—would be happy to house and hide the assholes you’re looking for?

Meanwhile the media have kept stumping for not just bringing more of the terrorist-supporting population in, but feeding and housing them at the expense of the very government budget that must also fund security operations.

I know, only a bad person would ever suggest that you end welfare, and no educated European wants to be a bad person. But what you are accomplishing by being too nice is very bad indeed, Europe. Because if you do not end the welfare state, you’re going to have a violent genocide, one way or another.

Europeans, if you STILL have yet to notice, you are not just at war. You are in a war with multiple fronts, and one of the fronts is ON YOUR SOIL.

But it seems that most of you are not only unaware of the fact that you’re fighting a war on your own soil, you are engaging in the most bizarre and suicidal form of collusion I’ve ever heard of. I’m not even talking about providing the enemy with unobstructed access to the citadel, although that’s weird enough.

I’m talking about the fact that you are their supply train. The welfare state is allowing an enemy force to squat in your capitals, colonizing swathes of your territory, without having to worry about how to bring in provender to its troops. The welfare state allows the enemy the free time to sit around and plan, while the native population spends 40 hours a week at work, feeding them.

Yes, bien sûr, not all Muslims. (And look, that subway stop over there isn’t blowing up today!) But the extremists have engineered a situation in which someone must be treated unfairly. Because they expect the West to take the burden upon itself and hope for the best. Because they think we’re stupid—and since we’re acting like we think we’re invincible and immune to the forces of history, we certainly do look stupid. What do you say we try surprising them? Many among the flood of migrants are probably great people who deserve help. But you can’t tell who they are by looking, and you cannot be fair to those individuals without being unfair to the individuals among the native population who are going to die in the next attack.

I understand your quandary, Europe. I’ve always tried to be a nice girl myself. But sometimes, assholes take advantage of you to the point where you’d be a suicidal fool to keep on giving. And when you strike back, it feels really, really good.

The last time I was in Paris, I went to a museum exhibit on the Vichy government’s collaboration with the Nazis. The display-goers were mostly older people, who murmured politely about the terrible shame this collusion with the enemy represented. Lots of downcast eyes.

But these same cultured sort of museum-goers are the goodthink-enforcers who shame anyone who wants to close the floodgates on an ideology that’s just as mad and expansionist as Hitler. Those who collaborated with the Nazis at least had the excuse that they had no choice (unless they wanted to live in the sewer under Paris with Simone de Beauvoir). They went along to save their lives in the face of a military defeat, in which they had at least made an honest try.

This time, the collabos are afraid of mere words—words like “bigot,” whose definition has been expanded beyond all significance. Meanwhile, the army you are feeding and housing repeatedly and proudly inform you that they consider you subhuman. ISIS has bragged that it is using the immigrant crisis to plant its operatives in your midst. Why aren’t you listening to them? Just because they don’t look like Nazis?

The mainstream media have a lockdown on language when it comes to Molenbeek, the now-infamous neighborhood in Brussels which is connected to such a ridiculous array of ills that it’s practically a White person. And yet it is continually called a “low-income community” by the media, in a morally unspeakable attempt to slap a sheen of sociological angel dust over mass murder.

No, call Molenbeek and Saint-Denis what they are: forward military bases. And you are supplying them.

To be honest, getting rid of welfare is not going to stop the terrorist attacks completely, or at least not all at once. There’s already too much damage done; there are too many Muslim extremists in the West, many who enjoy citizenship; they continually infect others, and some of them may well be crazy enough to not mind starving (or stealing) as long as they get to keep plotting. No doubt there will be a spate of intensified attacks and blackmails when you tell them the goody train is about to go off the rails; but they will taper off (you can only wear the holy explosive belt once, after all) and the West will be left with the moderate and productive Muslims who emigrated years ago to escape all the bomb-loving in the first place.

The only way to cut off the violence immediately would be to deport every single individual who adheres to that faith—and that’s a poor solution, practically, ethically, and politically. It’s too drastically unfair to one side, and anyway Europeans still get a stomachache when they see a cattle car. And in my opinion, any pie-in-the-sky solution that involves packing people up and dividing them into ethnostates is so impractical that it’s hard to believe anyone is proposing it in earnest. Have you ever been near a college town on moving day? Can you imagine that on a worldwide basis?

So you must end the welfare state— force the jihadis to do something with their time besides plot and proselytize—and hold firm as the violence flares and tapers.

Or, I suppose, you could pack it in.

Maybe you think you don’t deserve to go on, because of your ancestors and colonialism. But if you must base your decisions on dead people, think about this: Where did the French learn about empire from? Rome. (Why do you think Napoleon called himself an emperor?) And where did the Romans learn it from? Carthage and Athens. And Athens learned (or didn’t learn, as the tragic case may be) from the Persians. Who were kittens compared to their predecessors, the Assyrians. Who came from guess where?

If you must blame dead people for colonialism—even if it weren’t blindingly illogical to pillory the living as proxies for the dead, none of whom can actually be punishedblame the dead Middle Easterners who broadcast the idea in the first place. Post-Renaissance European colonialism was a blip on the graph, and then Europe decided colonialism was wrong… except, apparently, when it happens to them.


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