#8 – The Promethean Destiny of Man

The topic of today’s program is Iran, the West, and the Promethean Destiny of Man, as well as the latest book from Arktos, Prometheus and Atlas, which discusses how those two mythological figures herald our future evolution. To discuss these topics, joining us today we have Dr. Jason Reza Jorjani.

Jason Reza Jorjani holds a PhD, and is a native New Yorker and Iranian-American of Persian and northern European descent. After receiving his BA and MA at New York University, he completed his doctorate in Philosophy at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. Jorjani currently teaches Science, Technology, and Society (STS) at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Jason’s book, Prometheus and Atlas (Arktos, 2016), can be purchased in the Arktos web store, Amazon and several other online bookstores.

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  • Mr. Jorjani, if you see this please define this out a bit for me. It is a fact that Israel has had designs to attack Iran through their European puppets since the 1980s. Many thought that war would occur in 2007. You stated in this broadcast that if we Europeans would help the Iranian Renaissance Resistance defeat the Islamic Republic it would be bad for Israel? Do I have that right?
    If that is so, why do we have a Jewish propaganda system headed by Pam Geller and Rita Katz that are doing their best to have a war with Islam? Why are we hearing Israel complaining about any appeasement with Iran
    Also, I am not sure you are willing to acknowledge openly the international power that is Jewry and how much they are at the heart of this globalist cabal you refer to that you also claim are comrades of Islam
    Are you pushing Jewish propaganda here saying these globalist elites are somehow separated from the elders of Zion?
    Please defend your claim that Jewish Israel would become irrelevant with a revitalized Iranian Renaissance since both you and Jewry wish to have the government of Iran purged

    • Jorjani’s family was tiedd into the Shah’s power apparatus before being deposed. This calls into question Jorjani’s true motives and must be addressed

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