Hate Crime Hoaxes and the Evolution of Truthiness

With hate crime hoaxes and rape accusations being debunked at a lightning fast rate, you’d think the Left would throttle back on their war against White America. Their unwillingness to do so signifies a disturbing, Orwellian trend in the modern West.

The disadvantage to getting all my news from social media is that I occasionally miss stories that I’m uniquely positioned to call bullshit on. The recent hate crime hoax at my alma mater, the State University of New York at Albany, is a case in point. Three Black women assaulted a White girl on a bus, then had the chutzpah to claim that they were the victims of a lynch mob led by White men screaming racial slurs. Their lies inspired a hissy fit on Twitter and supportive comments from Hillary Clinton. The retraction? Zip.

The time I spent at UAlbany was one of the biggest wastes of my life. I transferred there due to the supposed strength of their English department, instead finding a gin-soaked student body and professors so delusional they’d accept 2 + 2 = 5 as an argument provided I had citations in MLA format. Albany itself is a depressing mix of prefab suburbia and ghetto, populated by the meanest, most antisocial people I’ve ever met in my life. The idea that a town full of government flacks, small-time politicos, and two-digit IQ co-eds would be a hotbed of anti-Black bigotry is so laughable it shouldn’t have made it out of the local papers.

But alas, the Left never lets the truth get in the way of a good story. That’s the only way to explain why they continue pushing clearly fraudulent stories of White male perfidy, even as the Internet deflates them like a fat boy stomping on a balloon. Ahmed “Clock Boy” Mohamed was a patsy for President Obama, who wanted to gin up support for bringing Muslim rapefugees to the U.S.; the UVA rape case was lurid erotica for feminists to touch themselves to. Yet the Left continues to push these blatantly fake stories and more without any attempt at fact-checking. What gives?

Part of the reason why hate crime hoaxes and fake rape stories proliferate is the click-driven nature of modern publishing. As Ryan Holiday wrote in Trust Me, I’m Lying, the 24-hour churn of the Internet prevents news outlets from being thorough. Any Website or newspaper that takes the time to actually confirm the truth of what they’re reporting will get scooped by Buzzfeed-style clickbait factories, forcing everyone to be equally loose-lipped.

But it’s more than this. The Leftist commitment to their anti-White, anti-male narrative is so strong it overrides all forms of logic. For example, in response to the UAlbany hoax, Albany Times Union columnist Chris Churchill claimed that despite this story being a lie, White racism is still a plague in American society. When Rolling Stone was finally forced to retract “A Rape on Campus” a year ago, numerous feminists made a point of reaffirming their belief that White college fraternities are rape factories in disguise. The Left’s constant denial of reality has advanced to the point where it could legitimately be called a mental disorder.

There’s a word to describe this behavior: “truthiness.” A decade ago, satirist Stephen Colbert coined that term, defined as “the quality of seeming or being felt to be true, even if not necessarily true.” He intended it as a slam on conservatives for their refusal to accept the global warming hoax and other Leftist bugaboos, also famously joking that “reality has a well-known liberal bias.”

As Vox Day put it in SJWs Always Lie, SJWs always project. Leftists spend their entire lives running away from hatefacts, to the point where they’re leaning on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks to censor discussion of them. Leftist millennials are so repulsed by opposing views that they need to hold group therapy sessions to assuage their butthurt, and more aggressive SJWs are actually lashing out in violence against conservatives.

The Left’s increasing aversion to the truth isn’t merely a reflection of our degenerate age, it’s a reflection of brain damage among a growing segment of the population. The writer Anonymous Conservative (aka Michael Trust) has extensively cataloged scientific research showing that Leftists and conservatives have significantly different brain structures, with Leftists having atrophied amygdalae, the portion of the brain that regulates fear response. Narcissists also possess underdeveloped amygdalae, to the point where it’s possible to trigger them via “amygdala hijacks.”

Narcissists are defined by their lack of a sense of self and their construction of a false reality to hide this fact from everyone. In lieu of developing an identity, they seek the adulation of others, otherwise known as narcissistic supply. Puncturing a narcissist’s false reality leads to narcissistic injury, possibly narcissistic rage if they’re incapable of plugging the holes.

The Left’s slide towards open authoritarianism is nothing more than a mass of narcissists trying to keep the Big Bad Bigots from popping their bubbles. The excessive coddling of millennials – helicopter parenting, social media, and political correctness – has created a generation so averse to struggle that they suffer panic attacks from reading blog posts. Their embrace of truthiness in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary is part of their descent into madness.

How much longer can Western societies tolerate a congregation of weenies who wilt at microaggressions and demand trigger warnings on class syllabi? The Muslim invasion of Europe – with its concomitant straining of social and economic capital – will likely herald the end of the Age of Hypersensitivity. Whether it will end with a nationalist renaissance or an Islamic dark age remains to be seen.
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