Osmosis and Western Civilization

What can the lives of cells tell us about what liberalism is attempting to do to Western civilization?

This article was co-written with Francisco Albanese.

What happens when a saltwater fish is placed in a container with freshwater? What happens when a paramecium is placed in distilled water? In both cases, the organism swells until its internal pressure kills it.

In every cell, a membrane separates the interior of the biological system of the cell from the outside environment. This membrane is selectively permeable so that the cell can regulate its own levels of nutrients and chemicals, but without inundating itself, which would cause it to die like the swelling fish and paramecium.

When a cell is high in salts, it allows more water into the cell through the action of a small transmembrane protein called an aquaporin. These allow more water molecules to come through the membrane, acting as a gatekeeper, because the natural tendency of water molecules is to flow from areas of lower concentration of salts to higher concentration areas. In this way, the movement of the water creates equality in the concentrations of solute, achieving the isotony.

Societies are systems like cells. Their borders are like cell membranes, admitting only what the society needs against the constant pressure from the outside to get in. This creates the conditions required for life to be possible.

The egalitarian mindset of Western liberalism sees the world as a place that needs to be equalized so that the world achieves an idealized balance where every part of humankind has the same amount of resources. Speaking of the devil, does a non-Western liberalism exist? Only the Western cell feels this equality is necessary, where the rest of the world, like water, only knows an urge to rush in, creating the swelling that dooms the cell.

One of the first formulas that liberalism has utilized has been the allocation of resources to developing countries through campaigns, concerts, and aid groups such as Doctors Without Borders. This allocation of aid, although it has been successful in the media, has not had the desired result; thus, the advance towards human equality has been sought through more aggressive methods.

Welfare and resources are the salts of societies. A society that has a high welfare concentration will find itself under pressure from population growth, which, like the water, always pushes inward, and if it is not resisted by the membrane, it will rapidly exceed the carrying capacity of the social welfare systems. The difference in concentration of salts causes a mental crisis for planetary social justice warriors. They find themselves disturbed by anything but total equality, even if that means death for their society, because inequality means a failure of the solidarity of all humanity solely on the basis of their all being human. These neurotic people will only feel safe when their quality of being human is the only criterion for inclusion, because in that way, even the neurotics will be included.

On the basis of the assumption that human beings are all equal because they belong to the same species, liberalism assumes that human groups can easily be displaced from one region of the planet to another. It has a hope, rather than a factual basis, to believe that the Earth can be a single, global village where solving inequality is as simple as moving people from areas of low social welfare to wealthier areas.

Acting through political correctness, liberalism sends signals to the aquaporin, instructing it to let in more populations from outside. Out of a desire to equalize concentrations between the cell and the rest of the global village, this enables a constant flow of humans from low-wealth zones into high-wealth zones, which causes the latter to swell to the bursting point.

On a realistic level, Western societies cannot survive this influx. If liberalism were merely motivated by a desire to achieve equality, it would stop the flow when carrying capacity was reached. But inherent to liberalism is the idea that the West must atone for what are assumed to be past injustices, and that to atone for its “sins” it must obliterate itself: a sacrifice of wealth for the benefit of the rest of the world.

Let us look at the death of a cell placed in distilled water. It does not detect any salts, so it absorbs an enormous volume of water, swelling until it explodes. To avoid this result, cells have mechanisms for expelling extra water, but liberalism is extremely suicidal and opposes any such measures. As a result, liberals will perish alongside the rest when the cellular structure of Western society expands beyond its limits, bursting and leaving behind a Third World chaos in which all liberal perspectives will be nothing more than a distant, useless memory.

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