The Cuck and the Shrew

“Cuckservative.” Doesn’t it just roll off the tongue?

The explosion of this 4chan-influenced pejorative into the mainstream last summer was unexpected, if not wholly surprising. The best insults have two qualities: they’re instantly comprehensible and they instill deep shame in the target. It’s why “RINO” (Republican In Name Only, a term used against Leftist GOP politicians) never caught on; once you have to explain a joke, it’s no longer funny.

“Cuckservative” is the direct opposite: it requires no elaboration and carries with it an image of humiliation. When the average schmuck thinks “cuckservative,” he visualizes an elephant tearfully sobbing in the corner while Barack Obama (or an illegal Mexican, or an ISIS jihadi, whatever your flavor of decline) lifts up Lady Liberty’s skirt for an unlubed rogering.

How else do you describe the Right’s total acquiescence to every lunatic Leftist whim these past decades? From illegal immigration to gay “marriage” to demographics and degeneracy, cuckservatives have been getting in the ring, throwing the fight, and sniveling about it afterwards. “Well, golly gee, we tried our best, but we just couldn’t stop the Democrats, but please pretty please vote for us next year!” Their only solution is to out-Left the Left, hence their absurdities of claiming that the Democrats are the “real” racists, welcoming mass immigration because Latinos are “natural Republicans,” and giving further tax breaks to corporations that enforce leftist orthodoxy on the rest of us.

Unfortunately for them, Americans are waking up to their three-card monte game.

Cuckservative: How “Conservatives” Betrayed America by John Red Eagle and Vox Day shows that cuckservatives’ impotence in the face of Leftist insanity is a feature, not a bug. From its inception in the 1950s, mainstream conservatism was always intended to be controlled opposition, existing primarily to give the rubes an illusion of choice. But with the Internet breaking the legacy media’s stranglehold on information, the cucks no longer have the power they once did.

Cuckservative’s central thrust is about overturning the Leftist/cuckservative mythos on immigration and demographics. The very first chapter, deconstructing the “melting pot” myth, sets the tone. Contrary to Emma Lazarus’ insipid poem, during the golden years of Ellis Island, immigrants came to America solely to make money, with large numbers of them returning to their native lands once their bank accounts were sufficiently stuffed; they had no interest in America’s supposed status as a beacon of liberty. For example, a full 50 percent of Italian immigrants — one of the groups cucks use as an example of how modern immigrants will eventually assimilate — ended up returning home.

Red Eagle and Day also make the salient point that even during the Ellis Island years, immigration laws were primarily determined by corporations who wanted as much cheap labor as they could get. Jim Goad made the same point two decades ago in The Redneck Manifesto, but Cuckservative goes a step further in showing how immigration restrictions put in place in the 1920s improved the lot of the average American worker:

The first twenty years of that era were marked by boom and then bust, and finally the profound national crucible of the Second World War. The 1920s boom, coinciding as it did with the new regime of more limited immigration, forced employers to find ways to boost productivity besides simply adding more cheap imported labor. Wages rose sharply, and even in the government-induced catastrophes of the 1930s, never fully fell to their old, lower levels. The renewed boom and prosperity that began in the late 1940s, again in an era when employers could not simply add labor from an unlimited supply, correlated with the largest rise in incomes of the largest group of people in human history – the emergence of the modern American middle class.

The 1950s nuclear family, white picket fence-lifestyle that cuckservatives idealize was only made possible by choking off the flow of huddled masses yearning to breathe free. Labor is subject to the laws of supply and demand just like any other commodity, which is why Walmart employees in Ohio need canned food drives just to afford Thanksgiving dinner while employees in North Dakota are paid $21 an hour and get free hotel rooms.

Cuckservative also dismantles what Day mockingly calls the “Magic Dirt theory”: the idea that immigrants will magically change their ways just by changing their location. I grew up watching the Magic Dirt theory disproven in front of my eyes; my old neighborhood back in upstate New York was once a quiet quasi-suburb of Poles and Italians, but Section 8 vouchers and graveyard attrition have been transforming it into a ghetto. A public park where mothers could once take their daughters for midnight walks is now an open-air drug bazaar where Dindus commit drive-bys with their mommas’ Cadillacs.

Red Eagle and Day also trace a history of the modern conservative movement, placing cuckservatism in an entirely new light. William Buckley’s recruitment of a motley gang of ex-Leftists such as James Burnham and Whittaker Chambers to staff National Review should have been a warning sign. However, Buckley’s conservatives truly distinguished themselves with their willingness to not only throw their comrades under the bus, but to repeatedly back over the corpses to make sure they were dead:

In what may be seen as the birth of cuckservativism, Buckley and his peers chose appeasement instead, and in 1962 Buckley publicly denounced the John Birch Society and banished it from conservatism. The purge, and resulting schism, formed a pattern that would be repeated time and again in subsequent decades. This choice also signaled something about the emerging character of the conservative movement. Individual leftists have a well-earned reputation for being, to put it mildly, less than brave on average. Yet as a movement, the left’s reliably ferocious defense of its extremists, then and now, demonstrates a consistent willingness to fight when it matters. The conservative abandonment of the more extreme, or even merely less moderate, elements of the right signaled the precise opposite. It indicated a cowardly and submissive readiness to surrender when faced with public criticism. And it is a pattern that has held in the five intervening decades.

Even the oft-stated reason why National Review threw the Birchers overboard — their supposed anti-Semitism — was false: Buckley’s beef with them was their opposition to the Vietnam War. From here, it was only a matter of time before cuckservatism trickled down to the base of the demographic pyramid, with rosacea-faced manlets exhorting men to “man up” and brain-damaged celebrities assuming the White man’s burden by adopting Black babies.

Thus we arrive at the house of mirrors that is cuckservatism: a world where Israel needs to defend its borders, but America has to open hers. Where immigration laws put in place by 1960s Leftists are treated as inviolable planks of the Constitution (insert your own “today’s conservatives are yesterday’s liberals” joke here). Where the nation’s “Right-wing” party needs to move to the Left in order to appeal to gays, Latinos, Muslims, transgendered demiromantic otherkin: everyone but the straight White Christians who founded said nation.

The cuckservatives were able to get away with this scam for so long because there was no other game in town. Their rage against Donald Trump is the rage of a beta orbiter at the “jerk” taking the girl he’s in love with. Trump — and the alt-Right pranksters whose boats are being lifted by his tide — shows that it is possible to fight the Left and win, that conservatism can actually be about conserving something: the people who built this nation to begin with.

Cuckservative is less a polemic and more a carefully researched academic argument, though Red Eagle and Day find time to slide in Charles Portis-esque zingers here and there. I particularly enjoyed their comparison of the relationship between the Left and cuckservatives to that of an abusive, psychotic shrew and her henpecked hubby. Because of its relatively even-handed tone, Cuckservative actually stands a good chance of altering peoples’ thinking. A cannon-shot foreword by First Amendment lawyer Mike Cernovich serves as a nice garnish on the plate.

Overall, I highly recommend Cuckservative as a lucid, intelligent argument against the conservative status quo. John Red Eagle and Vox Day have created an intellectual basis for the alt-Right’s trolling of mainstream conservatives. And if you have a friend who hasn’t yet come over to the real Right, reading Cuckservative can serve as a helpful nudge. Cuckservative: How “Conservatives” Betrayed America (Kindle)
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