Jihad Is Not About You

Expecting a jihad to follow Christian moral logic is like trying to get a dog high on catnip.

Can anyone tell me what Nigeria did to deserve the latest spate of bombings?

Last week the jihad rocked Nigeria with two more attacks on civilians, these carried out by homegrown terror group Boko Haram—which now considers itself the West African franchise of ISIS. (Jesus H., these groups are turning into a chain of Death Starbucks.) Though I can’t imagine what it could possibly be, Nigeria must have done something to bring this on itself.

After all, when the World Trade Center in the U.S. was flattened we got to hear the particularly guilty Whites among us muttering that we deserved it because of our history and foreign policy—even if you burned to death mopping floors, I suppose. And already this week, people (and not just Americans who know nothing about their own revolutionary war except that they hate pretty men) are intimating, to my great disgust, that the French deserve to be terrorized because of the sins of their forefathers.

But what about Nigeria?

As far as I know, said country has never colonized another continent, bombed Iraq, dominated the U.N., or invented the Whopper. Apparently, corruption is a problem: Boko Haram is stronger than the nation’s army because government officials keep stealing military funds. But aside from the fact that all governments are corrupt to one degree or another, this is Nigeria sinning against Nigeria, not against Kuwait or Syria.

So why is the jihad spreading in a country that doesn’t deserve it?

Because it is a jihad, genius.

Expecting a jihad to follow Christian moral logic is like trying to get a dog high on catnip.

It’s funny in a sick way to watch the same Leftists who complain about Eurocentrism talk about ISIS’s motives as though the West were all anyone else ever thought about. Look: jihad isn’t about us.

Before ISIS, I was pretty sure it was stupid to ever bomb the Middle East, if only for our own interest; conventional wisdom says it’s a hornet’s nest and if we stir it we’re going to get stung, duh, and we deserve what we get for being stupid as well as bastards. But putting the additional stupidity of the idea of collective guilt aside for a moment, I see nothing all that dumb about bombing the snot out of ISIS. This isn’t a back-and-forth. They might want us to attack them in certain places because they believe it will bring on Armageddon, but this doesn’t mean that leaving them alone will settle them down. This is not an innocent country we happen to be attacking; it’s not even a country. It’s a domination machine, or at any rate that’s what it’s trying to be.

ISIS doesn’t attack because we’re bad people. They attack because they have their own agenda. We don’t matter all that much, except insofar as we aren’t Muslims. Get over yourselves, Western Leftists. They have better things to do than fulfill your guilt complex.

They attack in part because they’re hopped up on God—although, according to his ex-wife, one of the Paris bombers seems to have been hopped up on something else altogether; he was apparently so busy toking joints and fantasizing about killing infidels for Allah that he didn’t even bother to go to the mosque. (Er, and then there’s the meth.) ISIS may have originally been a Western-funded tactic of sorts, but the attack dog isn’t just off the leash, it’s morphed into a would-be immortal Cerberus.

The West has done a lot of stupid and destructive things in the Middle East; there’s no denying that. I’m not even denying, in my Catholic-girl heart, that we might deserve a bit of comeuppance—but that’s not what this is.

Comeuppance is sadly rare in this world. And there’s a difference between righteous anger and a bid to take over as much of the planet as possible because God is talking in your head. Unless Nigeria became an evil Western colonialist nation that deserves civilian casualties while I was asleep last night, I’m afraid Boko Haram and ISIS represent the latter. And the rest of this accursed rock had better pull hard against them, or we’re going to be in worlds of hurt.

How on Earth to do that is another question altogether. But clearly, appeasement is, once again, not the solution.


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