Gaming: Making it Glorious Instead of Degenerate

Gaming as a cultural phenomenon is interesting and important to discuss. Some thinkers and philosophers unjustly portray gaming as something that corrupts the youth. It can also be used as a means to re-kindle the heroic fire within oneself. However, one must look out for the dangers of over-consumption! This article aims at giving some advice on how to make gaming völkisch rather than decadent!

Step 1 — Do not let it consume all of your time

This is a rather obvious point but one that bears repetition. The main problem with many young Western (and East Asian) gamers is that they become addicted and spend all of their free time gaming. Moderation is the key here (as with most things). When time is taken away from more important endeavours, such as prayers in the Temple of Iron, or pursuing other, more constructive projects or spending time together with friends and family, it becomes a problem. If you know that you have a habit of letting your gaming interfere with other aspects of your life, it might be prudent to limit the time you spend at it either to certain days, or perhaps to an hour or two each day.

Step 2 — Do not let it interfere with a healthy lifestyle

This ties into the previous point, but in a slightly different manner. Some young men become so focused on their gaming (this is especially true when it comes to more competitive types of games) that they forget to eat and sleep. Forgetting to eat is a double-edged sword. When trying to lose fat, this can be really useful, since you become so intently focused on the game at hand that you don’t notice the sensation of hunger. However, this can be highly detrimental when it comes to younger men and teens, who should indeed aim at maintaining a good, high-calorie diet. A high-calorie diet consisting of proper and nutritious food (as opposed to sodas and energy drinks) is essential.

Step 3 — Use it as a distraction

This is the good side of the double-edged sword mentioned above. Intense gaming distracts the mind and keeps unpleasant thoughts away, be it a less than favourable romantic situation or diet-related feelings such as cravings or hunger. When it comes to weight loss, this can be very effective. Immersing yourself entirely in a good story that requires focus is a very good way of steering temptations away. This can be used in a similar way when getting rid of the degenerate habit of viewing porn; when you feel like dishonouring yourself by consuming this blasphemous material, disregard it as a weakness and game intensely instead. Your thoughts will be on your performance in the game rather than on your lower desires!

Step 4 — Use it in a tribal perspective

Although it is perhaps not the best method for building team spirit that a group of men can participate in, one should not underestimate the virtues of competitive gaming in a tribal context. Apart from its social aspect of it (i.e., gaming with friends), it can also be beneficial in terms of honing communication and team-work skills while competing against other groups. Moreover, when looking at the gaming community as a whole, it is largely dominated by young Western men, and in our current predicament it is important to network and talk to other people in the same situation. After all, most of the Western world is in the same boat!

Step 5 — Use it as motivation

This is undoubtedly the most important point of this article (and is also something that I have talked about before and will talk about again in the future): using gaming as a motivation to push yourself, in the sense that you will want to emulate the ideals that are being portrayed in the game (and this applies to most games). The protagonist in the vast majority of games is a dashing hero with a capacity for violence and a glorious physique. When being exposed to such ideals, chances are that you will want to emulate them, just as the odds will be greater that you will emulate a caffè macchiato-drinking beta Leftist should you be exposed to such cultural influences (I am thinking mainly of hipster culture).

I assume that many people reading this article will be familiar with Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This game is a prime example of one with a good narrative and positive inspirations. The story itself is a glorious one indeed, concerning an ongoing civil war for the liberty of Skyrim, the homelands of the Nords. The main quest is related to the classical Germanic myth of dragonslaying. The game is also bereft of suffocating political correctness, which is one of the reasons it became so popular in my view (to use a similar example from the film industry: think Lord of the Rings).

When playing games such as Skyrim and other action-adventure titles, chances are that you will be inspired to train hard and explore nature (at least that is the impact it had on me). Another genre that can inspire the player in a similar fashion is historical strategy games. I am thinking of the Total War and Age of Empires series. An understanding of history is of paramount importance in the ongoing war for the minds of the people. A people without a sense of history and belonging will not understand nationalism in the same way as someone who can view himself within a larger context. Making young men interested in history is an important step. Making history easy and fun to learn is a gift from the Allfather himself, and we should embrace it as such.

Final thoughts

We noble philosophers of the Real Right must realise the importance of gaming as a part of the metapolitical war, and we must defend our hegemony here with vigour. Should the blasphemous forces of Cultural Marxism gain too strong a foothold in this industry, one of the last refuges of sane thought will be compromised!

Marcus Follin
the authorMarcus Follin
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