The Connection Between Physical and Mental Grandeur

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.”—Aristotle

The famous quote by Aristotle explains so well the true meaning of beauty and art. Physical vanity is misunderstood as something shallow, something that concerns the exterior and is done purely for superficial reasons. Furthermore it is a widespread misconception that the exterior is not in fact a direct reflection of the interior. The outward appearance of  a physique does not only represent a healthy body in regards to biology but also to a disciplined mind and a certain will to power. To properly understand the words of Aristotle it is prudent to study the direct opposite of the manifestations of this teaching; the Fat Acceptance movement.

The Fat Acceptance movement is Cultural Marxist to the core, the very worst of what this outdated and anti-intellectual philosophy has to offer. With a complete disregard for the responsibility and power of the individual combined with a totally inferior relationship with exercise and diet. The individual of the Fat Acceptance movement decries the impossible beauty standards and blames her own shortcomings on her genetics, which in her world puts the fault beyond her reach; convenient excuses to justify their decadence.

On the other side of the spectrum is the glorious individual who recognizes that he (or she) alone is responsible for what happens to him. He alone must make the decision of choosing the option, both in terms of diet and training, that is neither comfortable nor yields instant gratification. With the long-term results in clear sight, discipline and routine are of paramount importance. Living for the day and impulsiveness are not compatible with the mindset that leads to an epic physique. Furthermore it is of paramount importance to recognise the difference between and epic physique and becoming as muscular and lean as possible, the latter, in the form of modern bodybuilding, has become an abomination where the participants are more concerned about violating their body with unhealthy amounts of drugs than actual training.

An epic physique must also entail the ability for physical performance, and as is the case for every man of every culture and age; the capacity for violence. The beauty of a masculine physique must never be superficial and “merely for show”, a muscular and athletic physique must be the visual representation of the inner capacity for athleticism. Furthermore, since the key to attaining an aesthetically pleasing physique lies within constant progression in the gym, the benefits will be twofold. The participant will acquire strength, even if the purpose was never function but rather superficial. This is the beauty of weight training, that no matter the reasons for participating, the journey will look the same. Constant progression and consistency over a long period of time will yield results, this will take discipline and strength of spirit and body. Ideal virtues for any man or woman.

Marcus Follin
the authorMarcus Follin
Who I am is not important. What is important is that you adhere to my teachings. Train in the gym, get strong and get muscular. Train MMA or some other martial art. Read books and articles everyday. Get used and comfortable with weapons, military experience is great to have.

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